Melt Hot Fitness, food, pool running, and kickboxing

Why is it that when you have a nice, long weekend, it’s even harder going back to work on that Tuesday? Don’t answer that. The Hus and I had such a good weekend and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! We went out to eat – a couple times 😉 – got Starbucks like, e’ryday (his idea and I just went with it…), bike rides, shopping, grilled out, movies…Yes, I really got him on a bike. Riding it. Down the road even. FOR AN HOUR!!! It was a miracle and the angels were singing. 😉 The real reason I was bribing him to get us bikes, was so that he can ride with me while I run my long runs this summer…don’t tell me you don’t do these kinds of bribes with ulterior motives!


memorial picnic


That was our picnic/grilling out on Monday when my mom got off work. I ate so much meat over the last 4 days that I think it’ll take a month to get outta my system. Some of it was worth it, some of it wasn’t…

Anyway, Sunday morning. I went to Melt Hot Fitness for a barre class. It’s just right down the road from me, and since I’ve been wanting to try a barre class, and they offered a first class for free, I signed right up. (My gym is getting barre classes next month, but they are not going to be like a “typical” barre class. So I kinda wanted to see what a “regular” barre class is even like…) Anyhow, of course as soon as I walk in, the instructor, Kelly, says, “this isn’t your typical barre class.” LOL O.K. But after getting started, I think probably the only real differences between their barre class and any other, is this gym used resistance bands and the room was heated to 95 degrees. If you remember correctly, my mom, Rachel, and I had taken a boot camp class in a heated gym a few months ago – at Hot Box Fitness – and after doing that class, we actually kinda liked the heat. So I really liked this “heated” barre class at Melt Hot Fitness!

At first you think you might die from the heat, but you just hydrate more and your body gets used to it. I really liked the class itself, but I can’t even express how much I really liked the HEAT! I wish we’d have heated classes at my gym… I think what I liked the most, was that it loosens your joints and muscles up so much, that afterwards, I had NO pain ANYWHERE. My knees hadn’t felt that good in weeks. Plus, you sweat double what you normally sweat. Not even kidding. Every one of us (and it was a packed little room!) looked like we jumped in a pool with our clothes on. And then I froze all the way home…haha


I think most of what we did in the class is probably typical to any other barre class, but we had straps around our ankles to snap resistance bands on, drape them around the ballet bar, and use them while we did all of our leg work. And then we laid down on our mats and used them for our arms and abs. All my muscles were burning. It was great! It was dark in there with some upbeat music, so all in all it was a good workout. It didn’t leave me sore the next day, but I honestly think it was because of the 95 degrees…but I could be wrong…

So besides my hour long bike ride yesterday, I’ve been taking it pretty easy on the workouts lately! Which is kinda what I wanted to do until training starts. Tonight I did go do a 40 minute pool run at the gym, and then I stayed for kickboxing. After the 40 minutes of pool running, I realized that a) I need a waterproof iPod because it can be kinda boring (I’ve already been shopping for one and now I need to sell the one I have so I can get this one) and b) 20 minutes was NOT enough, but 40 minutes WAS! My legs were TIRED! And by the time we got to kicks in boxing (which, of course, was part of the warm-up 😉 ), I thought my legs were going to give out from underneath me. Oh, and c) it’s kinda hard to keep proper form in the water when you watch the pool lose a foot of water and you can now touch the bottom of the pool – even with a belt. 😦 But I did the 40 minutes, sweat my little heart out, got my heart rate screaming, and “ran”. Then I went and kicked the crap out of a bag.  It was a good 1:40 workout. 🙂 Which was needed because I was falling asleep at work all day. I’m not even kidding. One of my coworkers actually walked in front of my desk while I was “resting my eyes for a minute – or 20 – and snapped his fingers at me to wake me up. Scared the crap outta me! That was my hourly nap buddy!

And that was my lovely weekend and my day back to work! 🙂

Did you do anything fun over the weekend? Do you have a traditional picnic for Memorial day? Do you have a bike and go bike-riding?



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