New adventures, strength class, and pizza.

ONE of my new, recent adventures, is coding and web development. I know, your thinking, “What are you thinking? You break technology, not create it!” Oh, maybe that is just The Hus thinking saying that…In all honesty though, he IS the IT guy ’round these parts…And I really do an EXCEPTIONAL job of breaking ALL the technology I touch. Or even just look at. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s really a gift and The Hus doesn’t appreciate that gift I have…He comes home from his “IT job” and says he is off the clock, but I have to remind him that he is NEVER “off the clock” at home! Especially with ME around! AND now my mom! <insert evil laughing>

Anyway, it really was quite the surprise to the both of us, when I started this little blog (almost a year ago), and started reading/learning about coding because there are some “minor little things” I would like to do and change on my little blog. As I was watching coding videos and reading about it, I actually really enjoyed figuring things out and then seeing something come together (after 3 weeks of messing with a code and breaking it numerous times). So I decided i’m just diving right in and teaching myself coding. Who knows, maybe I’ll become “the” IT person/web developer in the family! Anyhow, I was lucky enough to find a meetup group here in Columbus that is for girl web developers. I went to the meetup last night for the first time, and while we did a lot more talking and “getting to know each other” than we did geek talk, I did get some good tips and tricks and sites to utilize. All in all, i’m ready to quit my full time job and dive head first into learning all things coding and developing – because I can see it is going to take a LOT of time! And THAT is my new adventure now. I never get sick of new adventures…This was also me for the 3 weeks until I figured out what I was trying to do…


Thursday. Strength class. Everything was burning. And shaking. Mostly because we did the whole class on Bosu balls.



Yes, everything. Squats, arms, push-ups, planks, abs. All on the Bosu. We used that sucker both ways too – upright like in the picture, and flipped it over. Either way you do it, it’s not easy. If you want some added “fun” and “challenge” in your regular strength workout, I highly recommend using one of these! If you need ideas for workouts with the Bosu, you just let me know and I’ll share the ones Alexander made us do tonight. Just stand on the Bosu ball while you do your regular arm/shoulder/squat/plank/push-up workout!

Now mind you, my legs were STILL sore from Tuesday’s kickboxing because I hadn’t done kickboxing in a while! I’m really going to be feeling my muscles on Saturday if I don’t do anything tomorrow…note to self: “Pool run for 60 minutes OR 6 mile run on Friday. Your legs on Saturday will love you for it.”

I had made a dinner plan for us this week, but that only lasted 2 days. Here is why:


This little “pin” is totally my Hus. And since we were both off on Monday, and I made the meal plan on Tuesday, he “felt his week was all messed up and we should just start the meal plan NEXT Monday…” And you thought I was crazy?! Needless to say, the words, “let’s just go to our bar” came out of his mouth and the second he said it, pizza flashed before my eyes.


If you can turn down pizza, kudos to you, but I can’t. 🙂 Veggie pizza. It’s what was for dinner. Oh, and local peeps, keep your eyes on the blog because I’ll be having a nice little pizza giveaway coming up this weekend… 😉

Alrighty then, back to “studying” in between pinteresting! 😉 Here are a few “pins” that still have me laughing…


I already told PS2 that I need this.


This is more The Hus, but lately, I could use some slaps too…

So, do you use a Bosu ball in your workouts? 

Any “new adventures” your on or thinking about diving into??

Haven’t done this in a while, and it’s always a good reminder to take note of the blessings in your life…What I’m thankful for today:

~ meeting new people

~ learning new things

~ living in a city with opportunity





4 thoughts on “New adventures, strength class, and pizza.

  1. I need to get a Bosu ball! I downloaded Nike training app and half the workouts on there call for one! And I need that t-shirt because I love pizza and am becoming less patient with people as time goes by…


    • LOL ahh…people. Yes, I never think about using a Bosu ball, but whenever we use them in class, I love it! I’m terrible at balancing, so it’s good for me! haha That Nike training app is no joke either! I was panting and sweating like a beast within 60 seconds the first time I did it!


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