Fun run in the sun.

You didn’t realize I have a gift of rhyming huh? Yup. But don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job. 😉

And oh what a sunny run it was. It made my heart happy. Even though my quads were NOT happy. Dang Bosu ball workout…




I was really trying to just run and not focus on my watch and time so much. I wanted to see how I would run when I just run according to what felt good to my body, instead of looking at my watch every 2 minutes to see if I’m “on pace” to where I want to be. I did good at not looking at my watch until mile 1.82. Not bad…not bad at all. I was also actually listening to music though, so that may have helped…

IMAG0078 IMAG0079


Ya, I slowed down every mile, but I’m feelin’ pretty good about the first 4 miles! Obviously when I saw my time for mile 5, I had to push it for the last mile… 😉

After a run like that, I’d say it just makes sense to drink water right from the jug because you will be that thirsty.



Today? Nothin’ but a late breakfast with The Hus, and then wine with cheese and crackers, and So Delicious mint chip ice cream for dinner. I approve these kinds of dinners. 😉

Tomorrow, MY plan is to go to the park with Phillipi and his BIKE, and get some more mileage on my running shoes while he burns some rubber on his bike. 🙂 (Don’t tell Phillipi yet though…he might “call off sick” if he knows the plans I have for him…)

So whatcha doin’ this weekend?

Are you a closet “drink out of the jug” person? 

What’s your favorite song on your workout playlist right now??

Today I’m thankful for:

~ surviving my first night “leading” the 3rd graders in kids church tonight…all I can say is, they must’ve been SUPER excited to be done with school and on summer break.

~ Trader Joe’s

~ Quesadilla’s (I had a quesadilla for b-fast this morning and it was OH so GOOD! With eggs, black beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, cheese, and peppers.)



2 thoughts on “Fun run in the sun.

  1. Girl, you look like you’ve got some nice calf muscles! I’m so jealous! So far my weekend has been filled with lots of good pizza (lol). And I got a kayak and spent part of the day kayaking around a lake with my hubby. My new form of cross-training!


    • Lol…thanks! I mean, I guess they are “muscle-y”…lol…I’m so glad your weekend was filled with PIZZA! And kayaking?!?!? You seriously had the best weekend ever! LOVE some cross training!


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