Dewey’s pizza giveaway! (Columbus, OH)

I have a feeling that if you love pizza like love pizza, you were probably drooling at the pictures from Dewey’s pizza a couple weeks ago…I’m sooooo sorry if you don’t live in Columbus, OH – or any of the other cities Dewey’s is in, because you’re missing out for sure. BUT, if you ever drive through The ‘Bus, you should definitely try Dewey’s.

If you don’t remember the awesomeness…





Here is my original post/review on Dewey’s. Now, there were 17 other Dewey locations throughout Ohio, Missouri, and one location in Indiana. Now, there are 18 locations because a new one just opened up in Dublin, OH on Monday, May 26th! So now we have 3 locations in Columbus, OH alone. The new Dublin location is at: 6540 Perimeter Dr., and they seat about 100 people. The atmosphere is really cool too because the kitchen has big windows, so you can watch them throwing your pizza and cooking everything while you wait. 😉

DSC_0001 DSC_1717 DSC_1721 DSC_1724

The BEST part about Dewey’s, is they don’t have freezers. Nope. EVERYTHING is fresh and the crust is hand-tossed. And! Their ingredients come from local farmers. How green and supportive is that?! I like when “locals buy from locals”. Support your fellow small business owners! Also, their beers and wines are seasonal and they do get some craft beers from locals as well. They have on tap, 2 local craft beers – Big Star White IPA from Four Strings and Columbus Brewing Company IPA. Also, that devilish-looking chocolate cake up there? That we started eating the second our waitress set it down in front of us – without even taking a picture to show you first…Ya. It’s from a local baker too. They use 2 local bakers in the area, that bake out of their homes, so their desserts are fresh, home made, different all the time, and vary from store to store.

So ya, Dewey’s is definitely a pizza place you wanna try! 😉 And lucky for YOU, they are offering a $25 gift card! (And I apologize if you don’t live in Columbus and can’t enjoy this one… 😦 It’s for the Columbus location only.)

Here’s how to get in the pizza drawing:

Rafflecopter giveaway

And here is how to find Dewey’s and stay connected with their awesomeness:



Twitter: @DeweysPizza,

Instagram: @DeweysPizza,

OH! And here is something else really sweet that they do!


Ya. They have a “pizza school” where you can come in, learn to toss your own pizza, MAKE your own pizza, and then EAT your own pizza! With about 50-100 other people. So just imagine trying all that pizza in one day…just make sure your long run was the day before. 😉 It’s $25 a person, but 100% – ONE HUNDRED PERCENT PEOPLE!!!!! – goes to a local charity. And the charity changes each time they do one of these “pizza schools”. I’m hoping we’re in town that weekend to do this! 🙂

Good luck on the drawing!


3 thoughts on “Dewey’s pizza giveaway! (Columbus, OH)

  1. Oh man, I wish I lived closer to Columbus so I could enter! I think I need to take a business trip to the area…I DID write a travel column featuring Columbus in our magazine a while back…I’ll have to check and see if Dewey’s was mentioned!


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