Meal prepping and a 5k discount code for YOU!

1. On behalf of Fit Approach, I scored a free race entry into any Foam Fest 5k I want! I haven’t done an “obstacle/mud” run yet, so this should be interesting. I mean, I’m not even looking at it as a “race”, but more of an obstacle course. With lots-o-mud-and-foam. Well hey, I like mud! And while I haven’t “played in foam” much, there’s a first time for everything. And your really never too old for these kinds of things. In my book anyway…

So. In addition to my free entry, they are offering YOU  $5 off your entry fee!  Any Foam Fest 5k you want. Just use the discount code: FF5224 when you register. You can find a location and register here: Foam Fest 5k. I’m registered for the Cleveland one in July. 🙂

2. Let’s hope THIS is the week we stick to our meal plan.



We have the typical “fruit and salad stuff” for breakfast and lunch, then our dinner stuff – which was easy since we have most of the menu stuff on hand.

Monday: Salmon on the grill, coconut rice, asparagus (Still have to pick these items up at Trader Joe’s tomorrow after Strike class…)

Tuesday: Taco night!

Wednesday: Grilled chicken, Brussels sprouts, garlic & basil spaghetti

Thursday: Buffalo chicken quesadillas

Friday: we’re out of town.

(Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be subbing in something other than the chicken…haven’t found a “fake” chicken that is good, so I’ll just skip the chicken all together…)

Now let’s see if we stick to “the meal plan”!! I actually started all of our salads tonight so that I don’t have to run around the night before, or the morning of, and then giving up and just buying a salad at work…Update next weekend. 🙂

Hope ya had a great, fun-filled weekend!


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