I don’t have 99 problems. Just 1.

And my 1 problem is NOT pretty! I’m warning you now. My one problem is….a toenail. A few months ago I was saying how I wondered if I was even a real runner because I have never lost a toenail or had my toenails get all messed up. Well, after 2 half marathons, 2 weeks apart, I finally got my first messed up toenail. But, it wasn’t from either of the halves I did…nope. It was from a shopping cart. At Trader Joe’s. Or was it Target? I can’t even remember which place now…but it was a day or 2 after my 2nd half that it happened. I was just waltzing around Trader Joe’s – or Target – and BAM! I ran my pinky toe into the cart wheel. Instant pain. At the time, it didn’t look bad, but the last week, as the polish started coming off, I noticed “blackness”…Then tonight, when I took the nail polish off, it was not pretty. Here is where you may want to avert your pretty eyes if you don’t like the sight of feet…


Actually, it doesn’t look as bad in this picture as it did when I first took the polish off…Anyhow, I just covered it back up with a new, darker color…


Thank God for nail polish eh? I really think that it helps that I keep my toenails so short…or maybe I’m crazy…that could be it too.

So. Went to Amy’s spinning class last night. My legs were still sore from Monday’s strike class, so it was a pretty tough class for me. But lots of calories burned, and that is always a good thing. 🙂

Strength tonight…was again revolved around the Bosu ball. It was rough lovely GREAT! 😉 Lot’s of different moves that we didn’t do last week. It’s amazing how many variations of stuff you can do with equipment…lunges on the Bosu…lunges on the Bosu with weighted bars…push-ups on the Bosu…burpees with the Bosu – I may have to video tape that one to show you…planks with your feet on the Bosu…you get the picture…It wasn’t an easy class. But they never are. More than 1 person tonight made the comment that it just never gets easier…and I don’t know about some of the other “regular’s” in the classes, but I’ve been doing the same classes for almost 3 years! Ever do push-ups in the side plank position? Nope? I hadn’t either until tonight. That’ll be another video I need to post for you because it’s quite the little ab/shoulder/back move! I think I’ve been more sore this week than I have in a LONG time! Thank God for a rest day tomorrow due to being out of town!

News on the dinner menu plan…we failed on Wednesday. It was kinda my fault because I just wasn’t really home…and we ordered Chipotle at work that day for lunch, so I was still full from the salad at lunch, that I didn’t even eat dinner. 😦 It’s a good thing Philco is a better cook than me knows how to fend for himself. But we got back on track today with the buffalo chicken quesadillas! Three outta 4 days isn’t bad I don’t think…

P.S. anyone else happy it’s National Donut day tomorrow?!?! I AM! Although I probably won’t even eat a donut…haha…but this is making me laugh tonight. 🙂


What’s your favorite kind of donut?

Do you have issues with your toenails from running??

And don’t forget to get your entries in for a $25 Dewey’s pizza gift card – if your in the Columbus, OH area!!!!


4 thoughts on “I don’t have 99 problems. Just 1.

  1. I used to lose toe nails all the time, so I started getting shoes a half size bigger. No problems since. I did celebrate National Donut Day today. A coworker brought some in, so I had a cinnamon apple cake donut. It was delicious and worth every bite! 🙂


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