Running on 2×4’s, boxing, and an important decision.

It’s Tuesday. I tried cross fit for the first time on Saturday. I’m. Still. Sore. For realz. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that sore feeling after a good workout! – but 3 days later?! And all I used was a bar! Last night I tried to run 4 miles. I mean, I say “tried” loosely. I did finish the 4 miles, but it was definitely one of the ugliest runs I’ve ever run! My legs felt like 2×4’s. I’m not even kidding. I felt like my legs were stiff as a board and I had a hard time bending my knees. I probably looked like a goofball during that whole run because I sure felt super awkward! And I had to take some walk breaks. I was soooo tired the whole time.


But the night was pretty!



I expose the realness of my run, because I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one who has these days. Am I right? And don’t ever feel like your “not a runner”, or it was a failed run, or whatever, if you have days like this. Your still a runner, and I can guarantee that even if you only make it to the end of your driveway, it’s more than some people. AND! It shows the dedication you have to just TRY to make a run work, even if you aren’t “feeling it”. I mean, hey, you TRIED! That counts for something! 😉 So that’s how I decided to feel about this run. And the fact that I just wanted to get it over with, kept me picking up my pace after some walk breaks…

When I got home from the park, of course The Hus asked me if I would go walk the mile trail at the park…He was literally THAT far ahead of me the whole time…and here he was turning around yelling for me to pick up the pace. My how the tables were turned…but in my defense, I’m not a walker. 😉


With all of that being said, after a long and hard deliberation, inside my brain, I decided that as much as I enjoyed cross fit and really wanted to sign up and give it a try to see what kinds of results I could get out of it, I’m not signing up. My reasons:

~ the expense (even though I tend to “find a way” to make it work when it’s something I want bad enough…;) )

~ it would take me doing at least 3 classes a week, for a few months, before I see results…which means I would have to cut out some of my Lifetime classes because marathon training starts Sunday, and that is first and foremost…and I LOVE my Lifetime classes and all that variety too much to give them up right now. That, and I love my “sweat” community there. The gym and group classes are not for everyone, but they are definitely for me! Besides running, I HATE working out alone, and after making friends at the gym, and being part of that community, I can’t – and won’t – give it up. 🙂

~ even though I know having a good trainer at “the box” is key, I still worry about injuries with CF…and since I already have some knee pain with running, I don’t want to add to my chances of knee injury with CF…I’d rather never do CF, than be taken out of the running game.

~ I honestly still am torn with whether or not it really is safe and good for you or not. Truth.

~ the CF class I did do on Saturday, wasn’t even the typical workout of ‘as many reps as possible in X amount of time’…so I wonder, would I even like it if it was timed and I was busting out those moves??

So that’s my decision and I’m sticking to it. 😉

Moving on. Tonight was contact – aka kickboxing – and thank God I was able to share a bag with another girl this week! Thanks Jen! 🙂 My knuckles were still sore this week, but at least the class didn’t end with them bleeding. haha


What did you do the last time you either didn’t feel like running, or once you started, it was just bad?


4 thoughts on “Running on 2×4’s, boxing, and an important decision.

  1. I always wonder if crossfit is safe too. Some of those moves look super dangerous, but people love it. I think if you can maintain good form, it is a great form of exercise. I usually cross train on days when I don’t feel like running or I cut the run a little short. Everyone has bad days, but it is hard to remember that when you legs feel like lead! 🙂


    • Yes! The moves themselves aren’t “unsafe”, but I think once you start going really fast – the point of the sport – it would be natural to lose form & THEN get injured. I know if I kept with it, I prob wouldn’t turn into one who wants to be super fast like that…


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