There’s always a story behind the picture.

Not too long ago, Sarah, over at Sweet Miles, did a post about taking Instagram with a grain of salt. Basically, because, we can ALL have a tendency to look through all the happy pictures people post online, and think, “wow, their life is great!”. I mean, who doesn’t wanna highlight the good times?? But there is always a story behind the picture. There is always some kind of “beautiful mess” going on in their life. It’s true. And if your life is just beautiful right now, without any “mess”, you just wait… 😉 Life isn’t perfect for anyone and honestly, if it is, I have a feeling there might be some shallowness and unrealistic views going on in that life…just my 2 cents.

Anyway, I really liked her post about taking IG with a grain of salt, and while I have never claimed to have a wonderfully, perfect life, I do have a good life, I do enjoy my life (outside of work! 😉 ), and I do have some great relationships. But they are all still messy. And I hope that my Hus (and family/friends) would tell me if I’m portraying someone I’m not through my blog, because I want nothing more than to be a real me that you can “connect” with.

So here are some of my “stories behind these fun-looking, good times” pictures.

1. Shoes. We –  both The Hus and I – took about 50 pictures of my workout/running shoes. Seriously. They either didn’t look right, the angles weren’t right, or the cat was either walking through the shoes at the time of the picture, or she was sitting in the middle of the shoes and wouldn’t budge. At one point, I was so sick of trying to get “a good one”, that I just picked up ALL the shoes, threw them in a huge pile, and took a picture. The Hus said no and grabbed the camera and got this masterpiece that we ended up using. 🙂




2. The “high five before the race picture”. Is Rachel dying laughing in the background enough? What really brought this picture about: Don, Rachel’s Hus, gave her a high five. Then MY Hus, says, “Nik, high five!” and starts taking pictures. I think there were 10 pictures of the “high five” that I deleted. Seriously the longest high five I’ve ever had.




3. Remember the great German restaurant we went to before the Cleveland Half Marathon a few weeks ago where I posted great reviews of the food? Well, it was quite the mess before we found that diamond in the rough…the PLAN, was to drive to the other side of Cleveland and meet my Sis and nephew at a pizza place. Well, it was about 6 or 7 and when I finally googled how to get to the pizza joint, I realized it was 40 minutes away from us. Phil didn’t wanna drive that far – 2 ways! – and then we knew we would get back to the hotel late and I needed to get to bed early. I was upset because I tried to thoroughly plan this trip out because I wanted to eliminate any “bipolar episodes”/mood swings from The Hus during the weekend. (The driving, the crowd, the lack of sleep, the chaos, can trigger episodes.) Well, since I just always fear a mood swing, or me causing a mood swing in Phil, I end up getting all bent out of shape myself. Which then leads us straight into a frustrated fight. (I’m still a work in progress…) Well, that is what happened. I didn’t want to stress The Hus out by now, NOT having a plan. At 7pm. I felt bad that I was letting my Sis and nephew and mom down because we couldn’t all visit over dinner. I kept going back and forth with my sister and changing plans. But we all survived. We just decided we would meet for lunch after the race the next day. And we did. And then we drove around to find a place near the hotel. And find a place, we did!! The good food, environment, and great waiters, changed all of our moods and it turned into a great night.



4. Three Creeks half marathon back in March. Pretty much right after I took this picture, I started bawling my eyes out. And literally bawled my eyes out all. The. Way. Home. This is going to be maybe TMI, but it is what it is. First of all, I went to this race alone because my mom was at my sisters for the weekend and The Hus had to work. Second, it was raining and gloomy. Third, “Aunt Flo” came to visit me that morning, and it was just another slap in the face reminder that I wasn’t pregnant. Again. And we would have wait another month. (I seriously need to buy stock in ovulation kits and pregnancy tests…) And it had been 2 months of trying the tricks that the fertility doctor had us trying. I really had all the faith in the world that it would work the first time we tried it. Nope. Fourth, I went to have lunch at the hospital with The Hus after I went home and showered. As soon as we walked into the cafeteria and were waiting for our orders, I turned around and literally about 20 BELLIES walked in. I started bawling right at the food counter. Here there was a pregnancy class going on and of COURSE they had to break for lunch at the exact same time I decide to show up for lunch. I cried through our whole lunch. My poor Hus.



5. “A Reese Cup made in your mouth”. That’s what this is according to my Hus. Well, I had about 4 more “Reese cups in my mouth” after this…



6. My trip to Texas with my sis to visit our Nana in February. It was seriously a GREAT trip and visit. But I shed a LOT of tears while we were there. It was the first time being with our Nana without our Papa. I was there last January to visit them and he was still here, but he passed away in March of 2013, and it’s not ALWAYS a comfort to just KNOW he’s partying and eating donuts in Heaven now. I still think about him every day and I still shed tears. This trip was bitter sweet, and I tried to hide the tears, but there were quite a few.




7. Cute kid decorating sugar cookies? We had to force him to just “decorate a couple cookies, for US”. Meanwhile, he kept licking his fingers, mixing the colors, not getting enough frosting on the cookie, and then handing them to each one of us to eat. Good times. 😉 The adults finished frosting them…



I’ll probably continue this little trend of filling you in on the stories behind the pictures. So just remember that even though things may look perfect from a picture, they are not. Life is such a “beautiful mess” for each one of us. 🙂


4 thoughts on “There’s always a story behind the picture.

    • I’m that way with IG too – I like pictures. I’ve caught myself getting jealous over peoples “picture perfect lives”, only to remember that it is JUST a sliver of a perfect MOMENT that was captured.


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