Make an attempt, gloves, sunscreen, and a new drink.

Monday’s workout plan: 3 miles on the ‘mill then strike. I made it .17 on the ‘mill and decided I wasn’t into it, I had to pee so bad it hurt, and my knee was in pain. But since I have issues, I had to at least make it to .50 to be able to sleep at night. So half a mile is what I did. And then I raced to the bathroom.  I went to strike and barely made it through. I was EXHAUSTED within the first 15 minutes of class! I stayed for the whole thing, and flung that bar around like it was my job, but I was NOT at 100%. But hey, I attempted to work out, so I burned a few calories anyway…

And then after my half-effort workout, I was CRAVING some Haagan Dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream…I held strong though. Once over the weekend was enough of a splurge on that stuff to last me 6 months. Back to the coconut & almond milk ice cream. Here’s a little inside information about ice cream…Over the weekend, I wanted chocolate & pb ice cream, but since I knew if I got that kind, The Hus would finish it, I got coconut milk chocolate MINT ice cream instead. But it didn’t hit the spot. So Sunday night he actually went to the store and got me some of the Haagan Dazs chocolate pb that I wanted – AFTER he finished my mint ice cream. Yes, I splurged. And yes, he still ate the mint ice cream that he isn’t even a fan of. We are winners all around over here.

I think the most productive I was on Monday, was hitting the ‘buy it now’ button on a Groupon for zip lining. A job well done if I say so myself. Happy birthday to me because that is what we’re going to be doing on my b-day in a few weeks. 🙂

Tuesday’s workout: spinning and then kickboxing. Can I just say how much it makes a differencec to have new boxing gloves? It does. After 3 years with the same gloves, I seriously thought my knuckles were permanently bruised and broken, but after tonight with new gloves, it felt like I was punching cotton balls. True story. My knuckles didn’t even hurt! It’s a miracle.


This is my mean, fighter face. 🙂

Since I don’t use a scale anymore, I can’t be sure, but I’m fairly certain that I lost an extra 10 pounds tonight. Just from sweating so much because the AC wasn’t working very well. Or at all. It kinda sucked, and it kinda didn’t. I don’t really mind the heat anymore since taking a couple classes in SUPER heated rooms and actually loving it. Makes your muscles and joints all warm and loose.

Side note: after getting a “sun-kissed tan burn” on my run 2 weeks ago, I finally hunted down some non-toxic sunscreen. I used it this past weekend, and can say with honesty that it works. I was gonna just make my own, but at the moment, I’m way to lazy for all that. I found this Alba sunscreen at Kroger. Checked Meijer AND Target and neither store had it. 😦 I checked this brand on the EWG skin deep site first, and it scored a 3, so I’m good with that. Some of them scored 2’s – which is better – but this was the only one Kroger had.



Anyone drink coconut water during runs?? I tried the plain coconut water a long time ago and never really fell in love with it, but they had samples of the flavored ones at Kroger the other day, and when I tried the peach mango, I finally fell in love. Since it has more potassium than a banana and more electrolytes than Gatorade (even though I don’t even touch Gatorade, I figured that was a good statistic…Although maybe I should actually CHECK that information before I start spreading it around…), so I figured I would try this during my long runs. I’ll let you know how it works.



And on that beachy note, I’m out. I’m soooooo tiiiiiired.

But before I go another day without being thankful for something, I’m thankful for:


~food trucks

~My Hus

~online shopping

~local farmers

I know, I might be on the edge of having some messed up priorities today…


2 thoughts on “Make an attempt, gloves, sunscreen, and a new drink.

  1. I’ve tried that coconut water but never for running! The peach mango one is my favorite. I’m interested to see how it is for drinking during a run. For me, if I’m thirsty enough, I’ll drink anything…EXCEPT Gatorade, which has negative effects on me and makes me sick. 😦


    • I’ll let ya know how it does for running. Although I just read that there isn’t as much electrolytes as like, Gatorade (which I don’t drink either b/c of the crappy ingredient list), so I’m guessing Nuun, Ignite Naturals, or the similars, may actually have more electrolytes as well.


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