3 day recap and a 15 minute workout

Confession: It has been one of those weekends where, we have been busy both Saturday and today, and in order to get my 8 mile run in, I would have had to get up at the crack of dawn to get it in. Well. It didn’t happen. I have just wanted to sleeeeeeeep in. Again, I am NOT an early morning runner! Unless I’m meeting up with the run club, or a friend, or to run a race. I’m more of a, 9-10 am runner…And, Friday night, it kept storming off and on and I didn’t feel like getting caught in a storm, so I took a nap. And then ordered pizza. 🙂 We had movie night with my mom that night since The Hus and I were out of town on Saturday. Oh, and did like, 6 loads of laundry since that was really the only time to do the last month’s worth of laundry. 😦 And we did the Urban Dare today! LOTS of fun – recap on that this week! (Recap on the pizza last week from Pies and Pints, and this weeks pizza from Villa Nova coming this week too!)

My last actual run was Thursday, right before strength class – which was revolved around the Bosu again. And keeps getting worse each week. But, I got in 2 miles on ‘mill right before strength.



So. Saturday morning, since I didn’t get up early enough to get 8 in (which scares me because this was technically my first long run for training and I already didn’t feel like getting up early to do 8 – ONLY EIGHT!!!!! – miles. How’s the rest of training gonna go?!), all I had was 15 minutes and guilt from not getting up earlier. So I did a little 15 minute workout. All by myself. Y’all should be proud. I worked up a sweat and at least got my body awake from it. And I think it would be a GREAT little 15 strength workout to add-on to a run! Since, as runners, we could all probably use a little more strength training in our lives. 😉

Equipment needed (but most could be substituted out for something else you have):

medicine ball (mine is 10 lbs.)

ab roller (you could use towels on a hard floor though)

hand weights (I used 10 lbs.)

figure 8 band

resistance band

large exercise ball

Activmotion bar (could be substituted for a regular weighted bar or just hand weights) (REMEMBER! You can always get a 10% discount on any Activmotion bar with the code: Nicole )


Set your timer on your phone, and do 1:00 of each:

1. ab roller (or use towels on a hard floor by just resting on your knees and sliding your hands straight in front of you in a plank position, and then slide back up)

2. walk with the resistance band – 4 steps forward, 4 steps back


3. bicep curls

4. diagonal swings with med ball

5. butt kicks with figure 8 band

6. tricep dips with a hand weight (or you can do them on a chair)

7. high knees with figure 8 band

8. figure 8’s with a light weight

9. abs with Activmotion bar (or use a hand weight)

IMG_3514 IMG_3515

10. chest press on exercise ball

11.  reverse lunges with Activmotion bar (or hand weights)


12. push ups

13. forward lunges with Activmotion bar (or hand weights)

14. front/side-to-side arm raises with light weights


15. abs on the exercise ball


And that’s that. Do it while watching TV. Repeat it 1-2 more times. Do it after a run. Do it when you only have 15 minutes to spare that day. At least it’s something to get the heart rate up, break a sweat, burn a few calories, and get you moving! And yes. Some of these moves are courtesy of Alexander and what he makes us do in class. 🙂 Always hurts so good.



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