PIZZA review!!! Pies & Pints!!!

Wow. We tried pizza from Pies and Pints over a week ago and I’m just now reviewing it. #bloggerfail And now I have two pizza joints to tell you about! Yes, yes we did go to 2 new pizza places in just 1 week. 🙂

So. Pies and Pints.

pies & pints


Of course The Hus got plain ‘ol pepperoni and my mom and I got the margarita. I’m all about some Margarita pizza! We just ordered it for pick up, but had we known they had a cool outside eating patio, we definitely would have eaten there! – outside!

Their pizza is NOT greasy – we like no grease! 😉 The crust didn’t have much flavor really, and I didn’t even wanna eat the crust. Also, there wasn’t much sauce. 😦 I mean, I don’t want it dripping off the pizza, but I want some sauce with every bite! It looked like they just dropped random spoonfuls of sauce and that was it. Didn’t spread it out or anything.The margarita had really good flavor with the fresh basil though, and The Hus said the pepperoni was “good pepperoni”. They do have some other pies that I wouldn’t mind trying though! Like the black bean pie and the spinach garlic pie!

Between the sauce, the crust, and the price, we all gave them a…




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