P.S. The heat makes you slower.

Well. I finally got in my 8 miler tonight! You know, the one that was scheduled for Saturday…Better late than never though eh?! I’ve heard it said too many times, that when training for a marathon, adjustments are fine, but ALWAYS make sure you get in the weekly long runs. Note taken. I’m listening to the pros.

It might have been 90 degrees, and it was touch and go for a few miles, but I finished it. At a very slow pace. Which is fine. I didn’t even really pay attention to the pace I was going because I could tell the heat was exhausting my legs fast! And add in the fact that we probably walked a GOOD 8 miles or more yesterday while we did the Urban Dare! I repeat. I don’t like to walk. And I had new muscles hurtin’ today! My calves? Really? Ya. I started feeling the tightness in my calves right about 10 seconds into my run. haha



Honestly, I was just glad I wasn’t the only crazy out there running in 90 degree weather. Apparently there are a whole herd of us that aren’t so much morning runners. 🙂

Oh, and I decided I don’t like carrying a water bottle. I think i’m going to invest in a belt with the water bottles.

Then I came home and chugged about a gallon of water and ate some french toast. 🙂 And as soon as my dryer is done – in about 10 minutes – I’m going to bed! Early night for ME! The sun is great. AND draining! I love it. 🙂

How was your weekend? How is your summer so far?? Planning any vacations??? Us – Myrtle Beach in August! YAY! I love being a beach bum. I can own that title like it’s my job.


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