Weekend running

Friday was a rest day. After that speed day I had on Thursday, and knowing I had to do a 10 miler this weekend, I thought it best to rest. 🙂

Saturday morning I didn’t have time to get 10 miles in because I had a shower to go to at noon, and could NOT miss going to the farmers market in the morning, so my mom and I went to the market at 8:00 (note to self: BEST time to go to the market!), then went to the park and did 4 slow and easy miles.



Sunday morning, we went to the park about 10:30. She walked the trail around the pond a few times while I did my 10. It. Was. Hot. I learned a lot. I had many a thought. K, done with the rhyming poetry.

Anyways, as soon as I started out, I just wanted to throw my water bottle and phone into the bushes. I’m sick of carrying everything. My phone is too big to fit into the water bottle pouch. It’s hard to hold a water bottle AND a phone while trying to get out gummies from the pouch and then eat them. But I like having my phone accessible and not in an arm band, because I’m a picture-taker, and if I end up listening to music, I change songs a lot. And then! I have learned, that my sunglasses are making my eyes sweat too much. Which then makes them burn. And then I can’t see. Or run. I’m such a complainer. 🙂 So. I had to take them off. I need to find a pair that have vents in the front so wind can get in, because I NEED sunglasses!

also decided, that training in this humidity is going to make the October marathon GREAT. I had to take a few walk breaks – usually when I needed to drink or eat some gummes, or put on my music at mile 7. I also wore my compression socks, which I was slightly worried about, but I’m SO glad I wore them! They weren’t too hot, but they really helped my legs from getting so exhausted.

So now I’m researching and comparing running belts with water bottles. After a friend said to go with the one that has multiple bottles, and I realized it would be nice to have water AND nuun (and maybe even some zevia?), I’m going with the belt that has either 2 or 4 bottles.

It was a good 10 miles though and this was definitely the highlight:


IMAG0399 IMAG0400




I’m so glad to be back in running skirt. 🙂

I also found out that my Hus actually does love me! I called the pizza place we love in TN last night, ordered pizza, he picked up and brought it home. 🙂 So my day is now complete.


Pepperoni stromboli with black olives & banana peppers, margarita pizza & white garlic and onion chicken pizza.

And i’m SO thankful for:

~water fountains



~running skirts

So bring on the next 2 four-day work weeks! 😉


8 thoughts on “Weekend running

  1. I had the same frustrations and bought a CamelBak Dart on recommendation from a fellow runner. It is great. Hands free. Plus it has pockets for my phone, keys, etc. along with the 1.5 L water so I don’t have to carry anything just strap it on and go.


    • I know I think the same thing about it being on my waist…i’m hoping that since I’m so sick of carrying the water bottle, that I’ll love just having my hands free and then won’t mind the belt…haha


  2. Wooo for the 10 miler! I can relate to your complaints during your run (Ha!) because when I used to run, anything that felt off would bother me more than it does if I’m doing any other workout it seems. If my hair was frizzy and getting in my face, it would annoy me. If my pants wouldn’t stay in place, it would annoy me. If songs I didn’t feel like hearing came on my iPod, I would be agitated…. hahaha I think I was an angry runner for no real reason!


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