Just a quick “Heeeeyyyy y’all!”

I feel like I’ve been so busy lately that I barely have time to sit down at my computer and even blog! Which reminds me…I need to get reading my personal training book…

Anyway, just a quick hey and to let you know I’m still sweating e’ryday. 🙂 Last night was strike and tonight was spinning and then boxing. I. Am. Sore. And as much as I love to squat it out, I think I’ll survive if I don’t see squats on Thursday. But we all know THAT will NEVER happen!

Also, since it’s my birthday month and I expect presents every day of the month, The Hus took me to Dick’s tonight to get my 2nd present. 🙂 (He bought me some 90 degrees by Reflex tank tops last night and some running sunglasses…don’t get jealous though because I really won’t get presents everyday…and it’s okay. 🙂 But I’m gonna milk it as long as I can! haha) So. He took me to Dick’s so I could get a running belt. I came home with…nothing. Ya. I put it on, ran around the shoe department, practiced taking the water bottles out and putting them back, practiced unzipping the pouch and getting gummies, tried to fit my phone in the pouch and it wouldn’t fit, and decided forget it. It kinda bothered me. I tried running and jumping and all of the above with the water in the front of me, and in my back. I didn’t like either. And every time I pulled out a water bottle, the whole belt rode up to my chest. #fail. So. I’m back to square 1 trying to decide what to do…I think I might just do the next long run with the Nike “fanny pack” (ewww) aka “running belt” that I have, and carry JUST my water. Then we’ll go from there and see how I like it. I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

And the highlight of my day today? The Hus text me to go to lunch at Mongolian BBQ with him and his work BFF. But they are notorious for taking 2 hour lunches and I have 30 minutes. (I could take an hour if I wanted, but then I have to stay 30 minutes longer and I refuse to do that.) I text back that they should wait because I have a birthday coupon, and he said that they were going there because Paul had a birthday coupon too. (His b-day is Sunday and mine is Monday.) Then he said that “Paul was hungry and they were going now.” Thanks Paul. No happy birthday to you! And THEN! I thought it was pretty rude that this was the next text I got…



Their dessert…thanks you buncha meanies! But you know what? I’m getting an ice cream cake AND some kind of vegan cake from Pattycake bakery Monday, so whatev. 🙂

What’s your favorite birthday dessert? Birthday meal??

Does your family still celebrate birthdays and buy presents? When is too old???


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