I wanna scream and shout, and let it all out.

You guys. How great is it that the 4th lands on a Friday this year? Lemme tell you, it’s GREAT! And I took Monday off, so it’s even GREATER knowing I have 4 blissful days of staying up until the crack of dawn…and waking up at the crack of dawn…and doing all of the classes at the gym that I never get to do because my job gets in the way of having a funner life. 🙂 Basically, this weekend = no sleep, lots of various, new workouts, and of course, pizza and chocolate and wine. 🙂

First up, tomorrow morning – yoga at 8:30! And after tonight’s strength class, that involved walking planks, with towels, across the entire room, THREE TIMES!, I’m afraid for yoga tomorrow. Luckily, I’m not quite here yet…

yoga boobs

Since I took yesterday off from a workout, I went into strength today feeling pretty great actually. The pain and soreness from Monday and Tuesday’s workouts had worn off, and I was alllll good. 🙂 Until we started. Then my legs were like, instantly exhausted and shaking. So by the time we got to the walking planks, I kept waiting to wake up from a bad dream. And i’ll admit it, every time we had to go down and back, I made it half way, and then had to do the walk of shame the rest of the way. Good times.

Since I couldn’t walk very well afterwards, it was only appropriate that I didn’t cook dinner tonight. And since I had a free burger coupon for Red Robin, it wasn’t hard to convince The Hus to take me there. 🙂 P.S. Their garden burger is really good.

Hope everyone has a great, long, 4th of July weekend! What do you have planned??


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