Days off = new workouts

I hope everyone had a great 4th yesterday and got to enjoy some fireworks and picnic food! 🙂

My day started with “yoga on the square” at Easton. At 8:30. It was chilly at first, but once I moved my mat into the sun by Stephanie, a gym friend, and we started moving, the sweat started. Both Stephanie and I were moving pretty slow…I tell ya, last week’s classes were brutal! I don’t know about you, but feel like, since I’ve been doing some of these classes for 3 years, it should be getting easier because I’m getting stronger. But that’s not how it’s been working…They are getting harder! I can’t figure out if I’m getting weaker, or he’s getting meaner…?!

Yoga felt really good yesterday, but holy cow did it leave me hurtin’! One of my resolutions for this year, was to start doing yoga more and I haven’t. I think I’ve done it maybe half a dozen times…but doing it outside yesterday, was AMAZING! I really liked it. I think it would make me go more if I was going to an outside class. The problem is that I work during this outside yoga class. 😦 Dang job…and bills that have to be paid…adulthood responsibility isn’t very fun. 😉



As soon as I got home from yoga, The Hus and I went to the park. He walked his 2 mile trail, and I ran the 4 mile path. It was so beautiful yesterday. PERFECT weekend weather if I say so myself. 🙂

IMAG0431 IMAG0433

IMAG0436 IMAG0442


P.S. Those sunglasses worked like a charm! Finally! Some polarized sunglasses that didn’t slide down, fog up, or make my eyes sweat MORE! $20 from Target! Champion! And they are GREEN!!! 🙂

This is how I felt after yoga and then a run…I could have stayed there for hours.


And we actually went back to the park later that evening with my mom and walked the 1 mile trail because we had gone to Graeters and had ice cream, and Philco said we needed to walk it off. 😦 The two of them practiced running forms while I dragged my painful self behind them…If I could figure out and remember how to put a phone video on here, I would totally “out” them because it was hilarious. Basically, my mom decided that if she runs on her tippy toes, her knees don’t hurt. And The Hus basically ran while doing front kicks. It was quite the entertainment.

It was a good 4th and we finished it with a couple movies and fireworks.

I had bought a Groupon for Seven Studios, so I signed up for the Barre class this morning at 8:30. With…you guessed it…Alexander. He used to be a ballet dancer, so I’ll leave it to your imagination just how “great” this class was. It’s been 2 hours since the class and I already feel the pain in my inner thighs, hips, and butt. I’m walking weird and bow-legged…I think. No running for me today! haha

I’m about ready for a nap now! But I don’t wanna sleep my long weekend away…so it’s off to take a shower, get ready, and do some running around! In my car… 🙂

Have a good Saturday!

Today I’m thankful for:


~green grass

~blue skies



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