Pizza review!!! Villa Nova!

We actually had Villa Nova pizza a few weeks ago, but since I like to stay on top of things, and never procrastinate, I’m giving you my review on this pizza about a month later. It was that good.

I don’t even think I had this restaurant on my pizza list because I thought it was more of just an Italian restaurant, but when I heard some of my work peeps talking about it, and then they said the pizza is/looked really good, I had to add it on my list. And then I had to try it that very night. 🙂 You KNOW I don’t mess around with pizza.

Since I had already heard that the place is packed ALL the time, and The Hus “doesn’t do restaurant waits”, I’m sure you can tell from the last few pizza reviews, that we just order it, pick it u,p and bring it home…And this night was no different. When my mom and I stopped to pick it up on the way home from Whole Foods, I couldn’t even park! The place was PACKED! And while was driving around the parking lot 10 times waiting, there were about 5 other cars looking for spots too. To me, that’s a sure sign that the place is good!

Of course you already know that we ordered a plain pepperoni for The Hus, and my mom and I got the white pizza. The white pizza had olive oil, garlic, and Italian spices with cheese.


(Yes, Philco should know better than to grab a piece of pizza before I get blog pictures, but I guess we left him hungry too long and he didn’t wanna eat cold food for a change all because I had to “take blog pictures”…)

Anyway, the crusts were amazing – thin and crispy! I didn’t have the pepperoni, but it was that good kind that gets crispy around the edges… 😉 The white pizza on the other hand, was waaaaaaaaaaaay too salty. Like, I wonder if the little plastic cap with the holes fell off of the shaker while they were salting our pizza, and the whole jar of salt was ON our pizza? Because the pepperoni one was NOT salty! (Says The Hus. And he would know because he is the salt patrol. He is that drill Sargent voice that says, “YOU DON’T NEED SALT!” every time your eye just LOOKS at the salt jar.) It was so salty it wasn’t even funny. However! The pizza was good and flavorful – minus the salt. 😉 I think we might have each drank a gallon of water afterwards…Since this was a true Italian restaurant and they make everything from scratch right then and there, I would try it again, but I would tell them NO salt whatsoever! Because it would have probably gotten rated a 10 if it wasn’t for the salt. And it was super cheap too.

Will Run For Pizza / Phillipi / Mom (the white pizza) – pizzapizzapizzapizzapizza


Will Run For Pizza / Hus / Mom (pepperoni) – pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza




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