Skinny does not = healthy.

I hate the word “diet”. So when I hear people going on one, I cringe. I was a glutton for “diets” back in the day. Until I decided to make a lifestyle change. I just realized, after failing at every “diet” out there, that they aren’t something you can maintain for the rest of your life. For me, a lifestyle change was the way to go. I not only wanted to lose some weight, but I wanted to actually be healthy. There are a LOT of skinny, UNhealthy people out there. I not only want to be fit, I want to be proactive in reducing any sickness and disease. That means not eating most of the foods that are shoved in our faces. To me, it meant attempting to eliminate as much of the toxic, chemical crap that they put into our foods – that don’t need to be there because it is killing us and making us fat!

Being skinny doesn’t mean your healthy.

While I understand we can’t eliminate every bad thing in our food & lives, I believe we can eliminate a LOT. We do still have control over the brands of foods we buy and what we put in our mouth and on our bodies. And by just even changing some of the brands we buy, we can eliminate a LOT of toxic chemicals that are making us fat and sick – in so many words, killing us. Buying fat free this, or lite that, isn’t better either – it’s just usually loaded with even worse ingredients. For me, I believe the key is to just buy healthier brands of things. And eat more fruits and veggies. 😉 But i’m not focusing on the fruits and veggies because I’m pretty sure we all know this. I’m focusing on the bad foods you love, that you don’t wanna quit for the rest of your life, and finding better brands to buy and consume. No, if you wanna get down to it, NO processed food is really all that good for you, but for me, I just read ingredients, and pick the better of the 2 evils…because let’s be real, I can’t quit cheese. I like my cheeses and I can not lie. (Yes, I just wrote that to the tune of ‘I like big butts and I can not lie.) And! I love chocolate. I love chips. I love pop. But I don’t care if you buy diet pop, baked Doritos, or sugar free ice cream, they are ALL loaded with CRAP that is killing you and they aren’t any healthier for you.

So, with that being said, these are some of the brands that buy, because, well, after reading the ingredient list, I felt they were “the better of the two evils”. There are certain ingredients – like corn syrup and carageenan and just plain ole sugar – that I try to avoid buying all together if I see it on the ingredient list. However, there are some things that just are NOT very good in the “healthier version”. Like dairy free cheese. And bacon. I have not found vegan cheese that is good or vegan bacon that is good. So if i’m eating either of those things, it’s the real deal. 😉 We all have things that we are ok giving up, and then we all have certain things that just aren’t worth it to us to “buy the healthier version”. Let’s just make sure we aren’t splurging on the unhealthy version all the time. 😉

So! Here are some of the brands that we buy because we feel that the ingredient lists, are waaaaaay better than the popular, “exposed” brands…A.K.A. these brands have “less crap”.

Amy’s – vegetarian frozen dinners, pizzas, burritos, soups, chili

Annies – mac n cheese, crackers

Chobani – yogurt

Zevia – pop made with stevia and NO corn syrup

Izze – natural carbonated drinks (fruity)

Simple Truth (Kroger’s new line of various foods, but still read the ingredients because some products have some bad stuff in them)

Kettle brand chips

Late July chips

Garden of Eatin’ chips

Way Better chips

Cascadian Farms – cereals

Veggie Patch – meatless chicken nuggets & meatballs

Newman’s Own – all kinds of foods! pasta sauces, pizzas, chocolate, etc…you can find Newman’s Own all over the grocery store

R.W. Knudsen – juices

Hansen’s – juices

Applegate – meatless chicken, corn dogs, etc…

Alden’s – real ice cream

Tofurkey – meatless turkey

Bars – clif, luna, kind, bear naked

Earth Balance – butter, peanut butter

Santa Cruz – juices, applesauce, other random foods…

Back to Nature – crackers

Ancient Harvest – pasta

Imagine – soups

Pacific – soups

Enjoy Life – chocolate chips, bars, they make a lot of different foods

Lundberg – chips

Beanitos – chips

Nature’s Path – cereal, granola

St. Yves – meatless beef crumbles, meatballs, pepperoni

Yummy Earth – hard candy and suckers

Unreal – candy (I used to see this brand at Target, but can’t find it much anymore)

Peanut Butter and Company – peanut butters

Almond Breeze – dairy free milk & ice cream

Kashi – cereals, frozen pizzas, chips

Mom’s Best – cereals

Alexia – fries, potato puffs

Pamela’s – bars, frozen dinners, other various foods…

So Delicious – dairy free milk & ice cream

Silk – dairy free milk & ice cream

Justin’s – peanut butter

Food should taste good – chips

Tofutti – dairy free sour cream and Philadelphia cream cheese (I promise you can’t even tell the difference)

Horizon – milk, if you drink the regular stuff…mac n cheese

Boca – meatless chicken patties and burgers

Morningstar farms – variety of frozen foods (good breakfast sandwiches! and even sausage patties!)

Quorn – meatless chicken nuggets, meatballs

Maple Grove – salad dressings

Boar’s Head – organic, hormone free, nitrate free lunchmeats & cheeses

Ezekial – breads

Trader joe’s bread, chocolate & peanut butter chips, rice, etc…(still read labels here!)

Sweet Leaf – tea

Steaz – energy drinks


***As I come up with more, I’ll update the list. And if YOU think of any brands that you love, that I missed, let me know! 🙂

~Also, most of these brands, we find at Kroger, in the little “healthy section”. That is where we do most of our shopping. We haven’t even been down some of the “regular aisles”, like the cereal aisle, or the chip aisle. We buy all of that stuff in the “healthy section”. Now, we have gone to Giant Eagle to look, and their “healthier brands” are mixed in with the regular stuff. We didn’t care for that because then you are all over the store. And some brands are probably only found at Whole Foods or your local health food store. Just check and ask!


Food/nutrition/health documentaries that gave us a TON of information:

Food Inc.

The Gerson Miracle/Therapy

Forks over Knives



Food Matters

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead


Simply Raw

The Future of Food

Hungry for Change

Fed up

Earthlings (but it’s VERY graphic and disturbing)





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