Be smart. Your never too old.

Two things I’ve read this week in magazines, that really spoke to me and I wanted to share.

1. From my Lifetime, Experience Life, magazine:

A 95 year old woman, who is still a “hammer-throwing, javelin-wielding force to be reckoned with”. And she didn’t start her career, until age 77. Her name is Olga Kotelko. She holds over 30 world records and over 750 gold medals for her age group.  She started training for track and field events in 1996 when she was 77. (Although, at the time of the magazine article, she said she would “stop when she dropped”. I just googled her, and she passed away on June 24, 2014. But she was still going strong until the day she passed, and her positive attitude is what she credited for her healthy, long life.)

Don’t EVER count yourself out.

2. From Health magazine:

There was an article about Maria Menounos about how she lost 40 pounds in college and got in shape. The main thing I loved about this story, was her health regrets. She said, “When I first lost the weight, I was always running from place to place and the only thing I had time for was drive-through food. Even though I was skinny, I was eating so poorly that I landed in the hospital for dehydration and nutrient issues. Exhaustion and not eating properly caught up with me and I got so sick in France when I was 22 or 23, that I was in the hospital for a week with a rare intestinal infection. They thought I had SARS. They kept saying the word ‘terminal’ in French. They didn’t think I was going to make it. I wrote on a piece of paper, ‘I will not compromise my health for anyone or anything ever again’. I still have that note. Skinny doesn’t always mean healthy.”

Don’t compromise your health and fitness. There is something to be said for a body that is fit and toned and not overweight, but it’s just not worth it to gain that body by putting junk in your body. Don’t substitute skinny for toxic chemicals. 


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