Writing Process Tour

Leslie, over at Life Begins at 30?, asked me if I wanted to jump on board with the “writing process tour”. Basically, it’s a way to see “behind the scene/post”, of your favorite blogs, and find out why and how bloggers “do what they do”. So here’s some answers to what “fuels my passion”. 🙂

1. What am I working on?

 The post that is about to be published. 😉 Seriously. I don’t consider myself OCD, but I do hate having unfinished posts in a draft status. Maybe I am OCD?! I mean, I have ideas and subjects that I want to do a post about, but those are just listed as bullets in a my phone’s notepad app. Seriously. I’m a real professional like that. 🙂

2. How does my work differ from others of it’s type/genre?

As far as other running blogs, sometimes I feel as if I’m not as much of a runner as some other bloggers. But I’ve just recently gotten into the racing scene, and training for my first marathon, so I know I’ll keep challenging myself more and more. I just really talk about everything on here – day to day stuff, food, other workouts (which I do a lot of cross training), running, etc…

3. Why do I write what I write?

I write about health and fitness mostly because that is my passion. My entire life has been up and down with dieting, weight loss, weight gain, etc…so when I gave up diets 3 years ago, lost 35 pounds, got back into exercising and running, got into the best shape of my life, and have stayed consistently passionate about it all, it fueled a fire for fitness and health. I love sharing experiences, things I’ve learned along the way, things I’ve failed at, and an encouraging word; so naturally, that passion lead to blogging. I like to “write the way I talk”. I want to be genuine in the way that, I can share a failure with you, but also share how it can – or I did, or am – overcoming the failure. Or hurt. Or whatever. I think there is something to be said for being vulnerable with people. It’s relatable. And I want to be relatable. I want to inspire you to see the weaknesses you naturally have, and also see that there is a way to turn them into a strength. Or you know what? Even just work with what ya got! So ya. I write what I write because I hope that it encourages someone to go out and try something new, take their health into their own hands, inspire someone else, get back up after falling down, help someone else up after they have fallen down, and always be moving forward. 🙂

4. How does your writing process work?

 I’m a “blogger by night” type of girl. So my posts are basically revolved around my super active, chaotic, fun-filled, adventurous days. 🙂 What? You don’t get that my days are super active, chaotic, fun-filled, and adventurous from my blog posts?! I would like to do a post once a day, but let’s be real, my life isn’t that adventurous every day. So it’s every other day or so. And then I’ll do a post that recaps the last few days of workouts, new stuff, something I read, etc…ya know, whatever comes to my mind and whatever happened that I think you should know. I don’t really find it hard to write, so I just sit down and basically start writing my post. Add in the pictures that I took of my life/food/workout/furkid. Proof read the post and make corrections. And then, BAM!, I hit publish. Maybe I should be putting more thought and effort into it?? I dunno.



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