Workouts, food prepping, and yoga injured my hip.

Friday’s workout – speed day at the track! It was such a nice night for it too! And as soon as my mom and I got to the track, others followed. It was actually kinda nice having other people there though. It motivates me. And the one girl that showed up, was one of the girls I had met in the run club during the Tuesday night speed workouts – she’s really fast. She had her 2 girls with her and I made a mental note to remember that if I ever have kids – that is a really good idea taking them to the track, locking them in, and getting a run in without having to push a stroller! They kept running alongside her (or trying to! 😉 ) every time she came around their side of the track. Future runners right there!

My speed workout was good too –

1/2 mile warmup

4 x 200’s (with 200 m recoveries in between) – 7:50 pace

2 x 400’s (with 400 m recoveries in between) – 8:00-8:20 pace

2 x 600’s (with 400 m recoveries in between) – 8:40-8:50 pace

2 x 400’s (with 400 m recoveries in between) – 8:20-8:30 pace (I was tired after those 600’s!)

4 x 200’s (with 200 m recoveries in between) – 7:50 pace (but I picked it back up for the finish!)

cool down – 2 laps

IMAG0703[1] IMAG0705[1]


Saturday’s workout – since I worked some OT in the morning, I went to yoga at 11:45 – AFTER I left work and got my drivers license renewed because I didn’t realize it expired on my birthday this year. Three weeks ago. Phil brought it up Friday night at about 10 pm. #epicfail

Yoga was great. And definitely not your average yoga class. I could tell that my left hip/leg was really tight and I had quite the time trying to get my left leg to get in those poses. Guess I need more workouts like that…


The rest of Saturday was spent going to a food truck festival, church, and movie night. Busy busy busy. 🙂

At the food truck festival, Phil decided he didn’t want to share 3 ways with us, so my mom and I shared a gyro and nachos. It was a shame I put so much stuff on the nachos, because then Philco wouldn’t eat any and there were enough nachos for about 6 people! But this food truck – Tortilla Street Food – had quite the set up, and I wanted ALL the toppings! You just go down the line and choose what all you want. You guys. There were 5 different salsas. FIVE! How do you pick just one. You don’t. We had 3 of them. And actually, as I’m looking at the picture, I think there were actually about 8 different salsas! That’s what’s up! We really didn’t even make a dent in them when we were done.


IMAG0715[1] IMAG0716[1]

Sunday’s workout – LONG RUN! 9 miler was scheduled. I. Was. Not. Feeling. It. I made it 7.25 miles. It was raining all the way to the park. I started running and it stopped raining, but was slightly humid. Then towards the end, it started raining just a little bit and it felt so good! But I was physically and mentally DONE! My hip was really hurting from yoga injuring it on Saturday. I had to stop about 2 or 3 times to stretch it out. At least I got something in though because this was my last “short” long run! Next weekend is 14 miles, so I knew I needed to do SOMETHING today whether I felt like it or not. Since I had added such great songs to my playlist, I at least had something to look forward to. 😉

IMAG0722[1] IMAG0724[1]

And now, I’m really quite proud of myself for prepping my lunches this week. If you remember correctly, one of my New Years Resolutions was to be better at meal planning. Well, not only have I completely failed at that, I have completely gotten out of my routine of making salads for lunch. Ever since November, when I changed buildings/jobs, I’ve gotten lazy because I now have access to a cafeteria that has a salad bar; so I end up just getting lunch there. Everyday pretty much. The prices just went up last week and it made me mad, so I’m attempting to get back on my routine of making us salads to take for lunches. I’ve at least got Monday’s and Tuesday’s done! 🙂



Do you pack your lunch everyday? Do you have the same thing?? 

Do you plan and prep your dinners too???


2 thoughts on “Workouts, food prepping, and yoga injured my hip.

  1. I eat a somewhat limited diet (by choice!) so I always pack my lunches/snacks for work and for most adventures I go on that are for an entire day. I am usually able to find food when I am out too, but I just enjoy bringing my own. Way to go with these runs, good luck with your 14miler..WOOF!


    • Good for you. Ya, usually you CAN find healthy options, but if we’re out to eat or something (work is the exception b/c I DO go for the salad bar), then I end up splurging “because we are out”.


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