You never know.

Today, all I have for you is this: life is short and goes by waaaaay too fast. You never know if that last hug or kiss or “I love you”, was the last. Take advantage of those moments. I say this because, well, I’ve become “that spouse” that rushes so much, and keeps so busy, that I get annoyed when my Hus wants me to take a second to just HUG him. I know. I KNOW! Typically the wives are the ones craving this affection from their hubby’s, and here I am, one lucky wife with a hubby who loves to hug and touch, and I completely push him aside because “I’m in a hurry”. You know what, I’m ALWAYS in a hurry. But is it more important than telling my Hus that I love him, and to hug him for 5 minutes. No. How do I know that it could be the last hug we have? Clearly I’ve been convicted of this simple little act for a little while, so I’m trying to remind myself, and take the time, to “hug it out” with my Hus everyday. And if I’m running out the door to hurry up and get to work, or the gym, or bible study, or wherever, and he wants a hug, I’m forcing myself to STOP! and just embrace the moment.

So I challenge YOU – if your the one in your relationship/marriage who is always too busy to take a minute to love on your partner/spouse/kids/family/friends, TAKE THE TIME!! You DON’T know if that will be your last. Don’t for a SECOND think that it’s enough that they just KNOW you love them – they NEED to hear it and feel it.



And that’s all I have for today. After I go “hug it out” with my Hus for 5 minutes, I’m going back to adding more old school songs to my playlist – some AC/DC, Van Halen, Def Lepard, etc… This is gonna be one heck of a marathon! 😉


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