A change in plans. I was a human windshield on a race car tonight.

You ever have those days where, you are planning on doing your long run later on, so you eat for the run. But then you don’t do the run.

I had all my ducks in a row to do my 14 miles tonight. After work. Because! Strength class last night was ALL squats! So I just knew that I was gonna be in a wheelchair by Saturday morning. Figured, eh, what the hay, I’ll just do my long run on Friday so that I’m all stretched out and NOT in a wheelchair on Saturday! I know what your thinking: the older I’m getting, the wiser I’m getting. And here I was all sad about my b-day this month…Well. I text The Hus to let him know I was taking a 15 minute nap, then heading to the park. His response: “I thought long runs were on Saturdays?” Yup. They usually are Hus. I dunno how he never remembers anything, but yet he remembers when my long runs are?! Apparently the “wiser with age” thing doesn’t work on men…Anyhow. I explained my “situation” to him, and let him know that I also was working a few hours of OT in the morning. His reply back: “Can’t you just run after you work OT?”

Now friends. Lemme just explain something. I had a funny feeling that I knew where this conversation was heading, but I was so shocked at where it was headed because P.I. does NOT ask to workout with me! Nosiree. I have to draaaaaag him with me, kicking and screaming usually. But I guess maybe he kinda sorta had a good time with me the last time when he rode his bike with my run…? Miracles do still happen  folks!

So I said, “I could do my run after I get off work at 10…(and then I just cut straight to it)…were you wanting to go with me?!?!?” He asked how long I would take. I told him 2 hours and 15 minutes (really 20 minutes, but I was trying to be sly. Don’t judge.) After telling him that I needed to know if he wanted to go with me tomorrow, because if not, I needed to get going, he came back with, “Ya, I’ll go with you.” Y’all. I think my heart stopped. I love that boy.

So after having eaten a few extra carbs than usual today, about 8:00 tonight I decided to just go for a little 4 miler. And since my butt and inner thighs were getting sorer and stiffer by the second, I KNEW I needed to stretch it all out before tomorrow! I hooked myself up with my new – old playlist and before I knew it, I was flying like a race car along the trail.  Like, so fast, that bugs were hitting me in the face. First I had one eating my right shoulder. Then I had one eating my  left shoulder. (Proof right here in the blood)


Then one smacked me in the cheek. Then the eye. Towards the end, I was like, well, yay since I never ended up eating one! And then, GULP! Right down the throat. Yum. By the time I was done, and I was wiping the sweat off my face, I had bugs all over me. Even down my shirt. I was like a human windshield. Must’ve been cuz I was so fast?



Yes. By the sweat on my arm, and knowing all the oldies music I just loaded into my playlist, I was literally sweatin’ to the oldies tonight.

Then as I was waiting for my mom to finish her 4 miles, I did some push ups and planks. All on my own. 🙂 So now I’ll be doing my long run tomorrow. While Phillipi bikes with me. I’ll just be packing more snacks this time so he doesn’t bail again…

And that was my Friday run! 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend!

What are your plans? Workout plans?? Pizza plans???

Does your spouse or significant other workout with you?



4 thoughts on “A change in plans. I was a human windshield on a race car tonight.

  1. Ugh, I hate buggy weather! Bugs must love my blood, because they always seem to find me and bite me like crazy… Well, not so much living in Cali, but growing up in NJ it happened alllll the time. I’m getting itchy just typing this!


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