Cheers to my future training runs.

Third day’s a charm eh? For me, it was wasn’t. I mean, I actually made it to the park. And actually finished my 14 miles, but it wasn’t pretty. It. Was. Rough. I mean, I was ready to go. I felt good about it. I got good sleep last night. I did all the right things that you do to run 14 miles.

First, I wore my BioSkin calf sleeves, but at 1.99 miles, I had to stop and take them off. 1. They were making me hot. 2. I dunno why, but they were making my calves feel heavy and tired. So I decided that they are better used for recovery, because I’ve had great usage outta them when I wear them after my run. So I stopped at the nearest bench, took off my shoes, and took them off. I just put them in my belt pouch. And now I’m mad because I can’t find them. 😦 Are you kidding me?! I KNOW I rolled them up and put them in my back pouch and zipped it back up! I checked it numerous times! #NOTAHAPPYCAMPER

So now I’m “recovering” in my Pro Compression socks.


I just figured I would use the Pro socks for my actual run, because they never made me feel hot when I wore them (they are a little thinner and looser), and the Bio sleeves for recovery, but I guess I’ll be wearing the Pro socks until I get another pair of the sleeves…#NOTAHAPPYCAMPER

Wore one of my hippie runner headbands! LOVED it! Never once had to move it or adjust it. That was one good thing from this run…

So. Secondly, I was thirsty the whole time. I know I drank TOO much because then I was bloated the whole time, but I couldn’t help it! I was feeling dehydrated! I actually drank 12 oz. of Nuun by mile 9, then filled up my water bottle with water at the water fountain on my way back! And actually drank 3/4 of it by the end! Even stopped at the gas station as soon as I was done and bought the biggest bottle of water they had. Drowned myself in 1/2 of the bottle on my way home.

THIRDLY, I had to take a LOT of walk breaks! You guys. This makes me #notahappycamper. With every “stop and walk session”, it’s 10 times worse to get started again. Is that just me?! But very early on, I had to start taking walk breaks. 1. Because, even though it was 80 degrees and didn’t feel super humid to the average person, once you start running, it gets humid! and 2. I kept feeling like my sugar was dropping or something – like I was gonna pass out. So. I literally walked ALL of mile 9 around the lake. And some other walking here and there. It was so bad. I dunno if it was actually more mental or physical…


But I finished. Some of my thoughts:

~What the HECK did I just get myself into?! This is one of the “short” long runs and I’m dying!

~Hey guy shuffling your feet with every step you take as you run, you must go through a pair of shoes with every run!

~This is where change happens.

~Your body is a lot stronger than you think it is. Keep going.

~I’m so glad The Hus ended up not coming with me.

~I’m really worried about the rest of my training runs.

~I’m definitely making the day before a long run, a rest day.

~Alexander said that when he was training for his marathon, he would drop and do some burpees every time he got bored. Well, I got bored a LOT, but ain’t no way I had any extra energy to “drop and do some burpees”!!

~I love this struggle. I hate running. I love this challenge. I hate running. I feel strong. I feel weak.

~I can’t wait to eat a whole pizza.

~I forgot to put on sunscreen. Hope I’m not burnt.

~I really want to get a road bike and do some tri’s next year.

~Well, some really short tri’s…that don’t include even half marathon distances.

~What did I do this week to make my calves so tired?!

~I love pain.

~Are my legs still moving?

~I couldn’t imagine if I was running 26.2 miles today!

~Ohmygosh, I WILL be running 26.2 miles in less than 3 months….

I had bought some fig bars the other day specifically for my long runs. I dunno where I read it, but I read somewhere that they are good fuel/snacks for during a run. I didn’t carry one with me, but I had some in my car, and I needed it bad once I finished! I hadn’t ever tried these Nature’s Bakery ones before, but MAN they are good! It helped tremendously to put life back into me.



I made sure to stretch things out as soon as i got home! I did those yoga poses from RunHaven. And then did some abs with my ActivMotion bar. Oh, and I dusted off the foam roller for those pesky calves!






After all that stretching, we went to get pizza! At a new pizza place – Z Pizza. But when we got there, I noticed that the new restaurant I had been waiting for – B Spot – was open and it was right next door to Z Pizza. I mentioned it to The Hus, and when he heard it was a burger joint, he wanted that instead. And I couldn’t lie, a good ole burger sounded really good! So we ended up there and it was delicious. I’ll tell ya all about it tomorrow. 🙂

For now, imma ’bout to finish my wine, and head to bed! At 10 pm. It’s a miracle. So cheers to hoping my future training runs go MUCH better.

I’m thankful today for:

~the ability to run. even if it isn’t good.

~hormone-free, grass fed, BURGERS!

~water fountains

~not having any food allergies. it would really be sad if I was allergic to like, chocolate. or dairy. or nuts…sad.

What are YOU thankful for today??


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