Thank God for white-out! And erasers!

You guys. It happened again. I got up, drank my coffee, water, ate my carbs, got dressed, everything ready for my run – Exhibit A & B.

IMAG0766[1] IMAG0768[1]


And then as soon as we were getting ready to leave, lightening struck, thunder rolled, and the rain came. Now. I will run in the rain. And I would run in thunder. But lightening? And even more important, 14 miles?! It’s not like I was gonna be quick out there with a little 5 miler or something. I totally wussed out and didn’t even feel like running in a storm for 2.5 hours. Plus, when we looked at the weather and saw that tomorrow will be 75 and beautiful sunshine ALL day, it was a no-brainer to enjoy that kinda weather!

So I went to the gym. Did some treadmill miles.


Then some rowing. For the first time…


I had set the thing for 5000m, but clearly I didn’t make it. Who knew rowing was so hard?! But! In my defense, I thought it would be more of an upper body workout, and I felt it in my legs a LOT! And my legs were already tired, and need to be saved for tomorrow.

Then, since I only did about 30 minutes of cardio, I figured I would do some laps in the pool. Got in the pool and all the lanes were filled. 😦 So I sat in the hot tub for 15 minutes waiting for someone to leave, and no one did. Boo. So left.

IMAG0771[1] IMAG0772[1]

I had found this video from RunHaven last night, so when I got home, I tried it. This is good stuff. Again, like I’ve been saying for MONTHS, I need more yoga in my life…

So that was that! Oh, and I didn’t even make it into work because I woke up around 5 am with a terrible migraine. Ended up taking 3 Ibuprofen – which I NEVER do because I avoid prescription drugs like the plague – but it was bad. So I took 3 and went back to bed to hopefully, sleep it off. Worked like a charm and when I finally woke up, at about 8:45/9:00, it was pretty much gone!

‘Member those hippie runner headbands I ordered? They came today! Don’t forget to use their discount either! I’ll wear one tomorrow to try it out “in the real world”, but when I put one on, I really liked it.

IMAG0776[1] IMAG0779[1]


Now it’s time for movie night! See ya on the flip side!

So any tips on my rowing experience?? Was I doing it wrong to be feeling it so much in my legs instead of my upper body??


(P.S. I just realized that I never hit “publish” on this post last night when I wrote it…My weakness of getting sidetracked all the time really came out I guess. You wanna know what got me sidetracked? Making more of Amanda’s (at Running with Spoons) Almond Joy Oatmeal Cookies. Ya. Hey, the recipe doesn’t make a LOT, and my mom and I needed a healthy chocolate fix…win-win.)


2 thoughts on “Thank God for white-out! And erasers!

  1. I’m starting to get used to sharing lap lanes at the pool and the “etiquette” of that. I used to shy away when the lanes were full, but now I *have* to get in my workouts on specific days so I just have to join someone and swim. I wouldn’t have done the run in lightning either! 🙂


    • Ya, if I had already been in the pool, and someone asked if I would share my lane, I gladly would! I’ve shared before when I was pool running…but I wouldn’t ask someone else if they would share their lane… 😦 Prob should get over that.


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