Tuesday Tangents

Is “Tuesday Tangents” even a thing?! I don’t even know. I think I just made it up, but I could be wrong. Anyhow, let’s get to it.

Tangent #1: On Sunday, one of our neighbors – that we have never met – fell on the sidewalk by our condo. Her shoulder got dislocated, so my mom and I helped her into my patio, got her a chair, some water, an ice pack, and chatted with her while she was waiting for her brother-in-law to come take her to the ER. Later that night, after the ER fixed her up, she stopped by to drop off a little gift for my mom and I, to say thanks. How nice was that?!

This candle and soap smells SO good!

Oh, and P.S. She was ok. They popped her shoulder back into place and she is hoping to still be able to ride a few miles in Pelotonia this weekend. She was supposed to do 75 miles, but is hoping for at least 25 now.

Tangent #2: The Hus’ coworker brought us some more zucchini yesterday! AND spaghetti squash and regular squash. I’ve never had or made spaghetti squash, so after getting some recipe’s from Facebook friends (and people wonder what FB is good for…?), I can’t wait to try some new recipes this week. Every. Day. And I’ll probably bake some more bread this weekend since my vacation starts Friday. Yay! 🙂


Its the size of my calf.



Tangent #3: I might have OD’ed on Peppermint today. I got such a bad headache today about 11:00, so I put peppermint oil all over my head, neck, and face, and then ate a peppermint. Then when the peppermint was gone, I chewed peppermint gum. (Pur gum by the way – no aspartame in it.) It went away too! -The headache, that is. Until tonight after I got home from the gym tonight. Now I’m sitting here thinking about pouring more oil over my head.

Tangent #4: I had Cilantro Food Truck today for lunch. And I don’t feel bad about it. After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that what I had, was actually healthy. I got the nachos. But they were plaintain chips and I didn’t get meat – still doing good at limiting my meat intake to once a week – so they had: corn, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, grilled zucchini, grilled squash, cheese, avacado, cucumbers, and cilantro dressing. So see? Kinda healthy if I say so myself! 🙂 #patsselfonback

Tangent #5: Spinning and kickboxing was deadly tonight. Maybe it really wasn’t, but it was for meEspecially after the leg stuff he had us doing last night in strength class! My legs hadn’t really woken up today, until I got to the gym and actually walked up some stairs…and then kickboxing was pretty much 50 minutes of kicking and squats, 5 minutes of punching, and 5 minutes of the cool down. I’m glad tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day. 🙂 And here I am wondering why my stomach is growling after I just had 1 piece of pizza?? I burned over 1,000 calories! Good NIGHT! I’m going to the kitchen stat.

Tangent #6: B Spot Burgers. It’s a new restaurant that just opened here in Columbus, and it’s a chain that was started by the famous chef, Michael Symon. The environment was really cool too. The outside wall of the restaurant opens up during nice weather, so there is more seating outside and then it’s pretty much just all open in there.




The burgers were AMAZING! A ’10’, hands down. And they are made from grain fed, hormone free beef. I created my own burger, and just got swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion. It hit the spot after that terrible run I had! 😉 And we shared an order of fries, because they are a separate side. They were really good too because they have rosemary on them! They have locations in Cleveland, OH, and Detroit, so if your in any of these areas, I recommend this place for a good burger!




Tangent #7: One of my coworkers brought me a snack sized back of these snap pea “chips” the other day, and they were SO good, that I had to look online to see where they were sold, and then go after work and hunt them down. Wal-mart. Not thrilled about that, but whatev. I went there JUST to get these snap peas, and then got the heck outta there – fast! (I DON’T like WM.) Anyhow, if your looking for a healthy snack that will remind you of a chip, this is it. It said online that Whole Foods and Earth Fare sell them too…



Tangent #8: Today, I signed up for a stand up paddle boarding yoga class. It’s on Tuesday, the 19th, so I have some time to mentally and physically prepare…Since I have terrible balancing skills, and i’m NOT flexible whatsoever, this should be quite an adventurous water activity. If push comes to shove, and I can’t stay on the board, or even get into child’s pose without falling off, I figure I can sit and straddle the thing and just paddle around for an hour. I’m trying to get one of my gym buddies to do it with me, but I dunno how good I’m convincing her. She was saying something about arm floaties? Which, honestly, sounded like a FABULOUS idea! Maybe some nose plugs and goggles too. I like to be prepared. So if anyone else around here wants to join in this adventure, you just let me know! 🙂


K. I think those are all the random tangents I need to tell you about. For now. If I think of more stuff, I’ll be sure to do a “Thinking Out Loud” post on Thursday with Amanda from Running With Spoons. Since I’m so good at these kinds of weekly link-up posts/trends. 🙂

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

What is something completely random you wanna tell me about. I’ll be sure to either laugh with/at you, or sympathize with you. I’m good at both. 🙂

Anyone ever try paddle board yoga? 



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