LifePower Yoga Teacher Training

**I’m not getting paid to promote this, and I’m not signed up to do this training. But since I love my gym, and the instructor teaching it is well, kinda fabulous, and one of THE best fitness instructors, motivators, mentors I know, I would, without a doubt, recommend this LifePower Yoga Teacher Training class if your interested in becoming a yoga teacher.**

With that being said, this training is a 200 hour training that is starting soon! – September 6th! It runs through November 20th and will be every Saturday and Sunday at Lifetime in Easton. And you know what’s cool? Alexander is going to be teaching it! So if you live in the Columbus area, and have been wanting to step out of your comfort zone, or just expand your opportunities, this is where to do it!

Here is some background on Alexander:

Alexander Chang is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, martial artist, model, distance runner and group fitness instructor. Chang began his career in movement a classically trained dancer in North Eastern Ohio. After a severe knee injury in 1998, he turned to yoga and pilates to rehabilitate his injury – a decision that prevented him from having major surgery.
In 2001 Chang moved to central Ohio and took up the practice of Krav Maga, achieving testing as high as Level 3 in the hand-to-hand combat style. During this time he would also practice ninjutsu, capoeria, arnis, tai chi, wu shu, boxing, and ground and knife fighting. In 2014 Alexander added Brazilian Ju Jitsu and classical fencing to the list of martial arts he has studied.
In 2008 Alexander began teaching dance and cardio-based group fitness at Lifetime Fitness and soon expanded into other areas of group fitness, including yoga, kickboxing, strength training and pilates. After a family tragedy in 2011, Chang took up running as a hobby and in 2012 completed the Columbus Marathon meeting all of his goals: To get to the starting line without injury, to finish without injury and to not come in last! In 2012 he was asked to teach what became a very popular cardio kickboxing class at the Columbus Commons, and in 2013 he was asked back with the addition of a hip hop cardio class.
Alexander completed his 200hr Yoga Teacher Training through Life Power Yoga in late 2013 and is looking forward to obtaining a 500hr certification as well as his Educators certification in the future. Alexander will also be co-facilitating the Life Power Yoga Teacher Training 200hr course starting in the fall. (for more information please visit
Alexander holds certifications from AFAA, FiTour, Life Time Fitness Group Fitness, Schwinn Indoor Cycle and Life Power Yoga Teacher Training.

Clearly, the boy knows his stuff. There will be other guest teachers there as well, including Jen Piela and a few other nationally recognized guests. To say that you will get great training and feel challenged, motivated, and prepared for teaching your first class, I would say is an understatement.

This program is one of the ONLY Nationally held teacher training, which means that the curriculum is taught in all of the Lifetime Fitness’s that host a LifePower Yoga Teacher Training, as well as The Center for Yoga in Michigan.

You do not have to be a Lifetime member, but if you are a member, you will get a discount for the training. This training could also lead into teaching right at a Lifetime Fitness! Once your done with this training, you will be certified to teach yoga and will be able to receive your Registered Yoga Teacher certificate from the Yoga Alliance.

If your interested in completing this training, you can contact Lifetime at: or call 855.808.0108

Again, here are some links with more information:





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