A commercial break.

My first day of vacation was GREAT! Yoga on the square this morning at 8:30, followed by my first dance jam class with Amy at 9:30. Dance jam is/was my fitness fear. I am not a good dancer. My hips ALWAYS lie because they don’t move. And I have the mind of an 80 year old, so I can never remember what move comes next. Next time, if I forget a move, it’s probably best to just start doing some lunges or some burpees. (No, there were no burpees in dance jam, but I figure they can never hurt…)

Anyway! At the moment, I’m gettin’ my pizza on and about to go find out if Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga will finally get along in Season 3. Yes, I’m a little behind on the seasons. Now the secret is out on what I’ll be doing late at night when I should be sleeping…

On that note, I’m out. I’ll fill you in on anything else that you need to be filled in on, tomorrow. After my 15 miler. Pray for that. 🙂


Do you get into reality TV?? Please admit it so I don’t feel like I’m the only one! Especially since I just came outta the closet about it!


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