My longest run to date. And I ran for…

As of today, I am 100% redeemed after my terrible 14 miler last weekend! Can you believe that I have never in my life ran 15 miles?? Until today. That’s right friends, I finished my 15 miles. And it went wonderful at that! 🙂 I did figure a few things out though – about why my 14 was so bad last week. (And P.S. it was so bad, that I actually looked up my time from last years 14 miler, just to remind myself…because last years 14 miler was the first time in my life I had ever run that distance! Last year, I ran 14 in 2:30. And it was in August of last year! AND! I realized that I had lost my car key at the end! Good times.)

Anyway, I’ll stop talking about that failed 14 because after today’s 15, i’m over it. I realize now that I can, in fact, still run. Oh! But what I realized that didn’t help me last week, was: I had been fasting 1 day a week the last few weeks, and I don’t think that is going to be a good idea while I’m marathon training. I noticed positive results from it, but notsomuch during long runs. 😦 Also, I have been hydrating GREAT – drinking a gallon of water a day – but I completely forgot to drink ANY water before my run! AND! I had a glass of wine the night before. I know. Go ahead and ask me if i’m stupid, and I’ll tell you yes. Also, because I had drank the night before and failed to drink water before my run, if you remember correctly, I started hydrating REALLY early on in that run. I seriously drank at least 32 ounces of water and Nuun. And I felt bloated the whole time. I think I over hydrated, making myself completely crash & feel sick the whole time.

Ok seriously, now I’m done reminiscing. I just wanted you to know what I figured out. 🙂 Don’t make the same mistakes. I now know my regimen and realize what works for me. And it’s what worked when I first started running longer distances. I just got to a point this year, with doing more races, where I was like, “Ya know, I don’t wanna give these races too much hype, because then I’ll just freak out and worry about them. Maybe if I am just non-chalant about them, I won’t worry about anything or get nervous.” Not a good idea. I realize that now. It is a good idea to plan! 🙂

So for today’s long run, I had my 2 cups of coffee, drank 12 ounces of water, ate my Morningstar Farms breakfast sandwich, and a banana. I filled my water bottle with water, and put some Nuun tabs in a ziploc bag and just took them with me in case I needed them. #bestidea (And no, I never needed them. Just drank a little bit of water, and some Clif Bloks.)



Since I was properly hydrated, I waited until I really needed to hydrate and fuel – which happened to be mile 9.5. Which makes sense, because when I first started doing longer runs (last year!) and training for my first half marathon, I never even carried water or fuel! And I was fine! So I decided to go back to the basics. And I seriously felt great! I didn’t crash. I didn’t feel thirsty. I wasn’t hungry. I. Felt. Strong. I ran the loop around the little lake on my out, and on my way back. Broke things up a bit. Which is always a good thing. Better than dropping for some burpees!



(P.S. I have realized that the hippie runner headbands are not good for workouts where you are moving a lot – yoga, dance jam, kick boxing, etc….because then they slide around and move. But they are great for spinning, running, strength, etc…just an FYI. And oh ya, I had to order more. 🙂 )


did stop and walk every time I needed a drink or gummies, but no other unnecessary walk breaks! I noticed my water bottle leaking a little, but when I realized it was leaking, I noticed that it kinda helped to keep my back and butt cooled off! Haha…And when I needed a swig, there was some left. 🙂 I just filled it back up at the water fountain on my way back. 🙂

Between miles 12 and 13, I was starting to feel like I was just “done”. I just kept saying to myself, “THIS is where the change happens!” and “Get comfortable being uncomfortable!” A few times, I wondered what I got myself into, because if I had to run more than 15 miles today, there was no way! I mean, unless it was the zombie apocalypse and I was being chased…but then I told myself that when the time comes to run 26.2, I will have trained for it, and I WILL be prepared!

All in all, great run! I needed that good run after last week!


Oh! And I wore my Pro Compression socks this time – well I didn’t really even have a choice since I was never reunited with my lost BioSkin sleeves… – and my legs/calves NEVER felt tired or sore. #keepittight


Then, after a shower, it was time to get my food truck eats on!

IMAG0917[1] IMAG0919[1]


I got a roma and pesto pizza from Flat Top Pizza, and then we shared some kind of braised pork sandwich from Kenny’s Meat Wagon. WOW! BOTH were AMAZING!!! Kenny’s meat wagon will be at the huge food truck festival next weekend, so we are already planning on going back and trying the other sandwich he has that we couldn’t decide between…)

IMAG0920[1] IMAG0924[1]


It was a wonderful day. 🙂 Now we’re just chillin’ – wine, RHONJ, and The Hus is working on my laptop. He made a comment yesterday that since I’m off for a while, the house should be spotless, dinner on the table every night, & laundry washed AND pressed daily. I don’t know who he thinks he’s married to, but ain’t nobody got time for all that! 😉 I reminded him that he’s off too. 😉

How do you get yourself over a bad run?? I know we all have them!

How often do you clean your house??? Is once every 3 months too much?


6 thoughts on “My longest run to date. And I ran for…

  1. Yay for 15 miles!! That’s awesome! I always need a good run to get over a bad run. That pizza looks amazing! Last night we had some “bruschetta” that was really just bread with pesto and topped with bologonese sauce. It was amazing and something that I will definitely have to make at home!


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