What is lazy?

Soooo….Sunday….I went to the pool, swam about 1/2 a mile, sat in the hot tub, and called it a day.

Today…I got up at 7:30. By “get up”, I mean I opened my eyes. Went downstairs and made coffee, and got back in bed. Coffee in hand. And I stayed there until 3:30. True story. 🙂 That is lazy friends! I spent the day in bed…studying…and watching the Housewives of NJ. It’s like I’m getting smarter and stupider all at the same time. 😉

did make it to the gym for strength class. Did get a shower, put on “non-workout clothes”, and allowed The Hus to take me out for pizza for our Anniversary. 🙂 Good times. He knows the way to my heart.

Oh! Yesterday! I did get started on all the new recipes I wanted to make! I made: iced coffee, sriracha lime chickpeas, buffalo cauliflower dip, and blueberry zucchini bread. I’ll be sure to get the links and recipes posted for ya. Let’s just say that I’ll get them posted “sometime this week”. Who knew that I wouldn’t have much time while on vacation…apparently studying and TV takes up a lot of time! 😉





So. With all due respect, it’s time to pour a glass of wine and get back in bed. I’m still not caught up to the current season…



5 thoughts on “What is lazy?

  1. It sounds like your stay-cation is going quite well!! Relaxing is definitely one of the best parts of any vacation. 🙂


  2. I’m always so go-go-go, but then every once in awhile it’s nice to just have a chill day where you’re lazy and loving it right?! Hope that you’re enjoying yourself! Sounds like you had a nice kitchen creation session. That’s usually what happens to me too — I get in a crazy cook/bake mode and make/come up with a bunch of recipes at once when the mood strikes me!


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