Becoming a doctor and a challenge.

About this plantar fasciitis…that I have…because I diagnosed myself…because, well, clearly when you have a degree in Business, you are MORE than qualified to be a doctor and diagnose yourself with medical conditions…clearly. 😉



My week has looked like this:

IMAG1068[1] IMAG1078[1]


Icing all day, e’ryday; and rolling a golf ball under my feet to stretch things out. I got these tips off WebMD Wikipedia. Just kidding. They were actually tips from other running bloggers and things that their doctor – WebMD maybe? – told them to do, and it worked. These 2 tricks are seriously helping the pain in my feet, but my left heel is still pretty sore and tender to walk on. I’m starting to worry a little bit not only about my half marathon THIS SUNDAY!! but also for the rest of my training AND the “big day”. I have an 18 miler next weekend, and then a 20 miler the following weekend. Needless to say, I haven’t run since my 17 miler on Monday…I figured I would take it easy and do other things.

So yesterday, I made up my own 60 minute workout. I figured if I’m going to eventually be a personal trainer, I should probably be able to make up a workout? I think something was off with my workout though because my upper body was SUPER sore, but my lower body was just, “eh”. Pretty sure tonight’s strength class with Alexander sealed the deal for my lower body being sore tomorrow though. #yayforpain


This was my workout….


and I used ALL the bells and whistles I had! (I really wanna get a Bosu ball now…)

So ya, good times. Now not only are my feet killing me, but every muscle in my body hurts. Bring on the half marathon!! 🙂

Oh! So, Alexander challenged everyone in class tonight to do 1 minute of push ups, every morning, as soon as you get outta bed. Doesn’t that sound like FUN!? I thought so too. So i’m doing it. You in?? It takes 21 days to form a habit, so i’m giving it 21 days. And nope, not even gonna wait until “the 1st” to start it. Although today IS the 21st…how ironic…except that I’ll be starting this on the 22nd…anyway. If I can get The Hus to take my picture each morning (he’s grumpy cat in the morning), then I’ll show you the proof. AS LONG AS, you don’t judge. I’m a total hot mess in the mornings. So if your in too, lemme know and post your morning push up pictures on my FB page! 🙂 Yay for push ups before we’ve even had coffee! Apparently, I’ve been told, push ups done as soon as you roll outta bed, are like caffeine…I’ll be the judge of that. 😉

So. What are YOU thankful for today??
I’m thankful for:


~fresh veggies


~coffee cups. I may or may not have a slight problem with buying coffee mugs…


2 thoughts on “Becoming a doctor and a challenge.

  1. Hope that your foot feels better soon! I know from personal experience how annoying foot pain can be — and I’ve been dealing with my silly sesamoidiitis hurting for a couple of weeks — but hang in there! The best thing you can do is take it as easy as you can and do low impact exercise on non-running days. And lots of ice pack time! Speaking of which, I’m about to go ice my foot…


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