The party’s cancelled.

It’s the night before a half marathon, did you really think we’d be partying it up tonight like we usually do?! Movies, wine, pizza…the party will have to wait until tomorrow night. 🙂 Tonight, it’s a whole lotta H2O, golf balls, and ice packs. 🙂 And trying to feel “normal”…I’ve felt “off”, or something, all day and it’s driving me up a wall! Anyway, the show race will go on!

I ended up not doing anything yesterday or today. I was going to go to spinning this morning at 8:30, but then I remembered I had to take my furkid to the vet at 8:00, so spinning was out. Boo. But it’s all good. I got my race packet last night, everything ready and set out, and I’m ready to run!



And when I was at the running store picking up my packet, I asked about inserts. One of the guys there checked my feet and arches out and fitted me for some SuperFeet inserts. I wore them around last night and today, but he said not to run in them for tomorrow. So I’ll just wear them around for the week, run in them for my shorter runs this week, and, fingers crossed, they help me for my next long run next weekend!

And now it’s 8:30. Time to wind down and get this party animal ready for some shut eye! 🙂


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