Emerald City Half Marathon

Hi! 🙂 So my 4th half is in the books! I’m hoping to do ONE more half before my full marathon in October, and then I will probably be done for the rest of the year. Unless…well, you just never know… 😉

Emerald City Half Marathon went really well. I mean, MUCH better than my last half in Cleveland where I walked ran it sick and felt like death. Since I’m in the middle of training though, and have some longer-than-a-half-marathon-distance-runs under my belt shoes, I felt pretty good going into this one. The only thing that was getting me worried was this dang plantar fasciitis, but after nursing my feet for the last week, they never really hurt during the race! Yay! Here’s the start of the race too – my personal photographer is gettin’ better! 😉

So of course I’m never early for anything. I will most likely be late for my own funeral as well. I can see it now: there is a random traffic jam on a remote country road…or the driver gets pulled over for a brake light being out…or the hearse gets a flat tire…or the casket is broke…something. It’s all good though, because I’m sure everyone will wait for me to arrive. 🙂 (Great thoughts, huh?! Haha) ANYWAY! I wasn’t late, but I had 3 minutes to spare when I got to my corral. I had to pee. Kinda bad. But I could see that the lines were still really long. So for the first time ever, I used the porta potty on the course. The very first one. I think it was conveniently located at mile 1. However, I think I burned an extra 500 calories trying to pull my skirt back up with it – and myself – being drenched in sweat already. I think I still managed to get in and outta there in under 3 minutes though – waiting in line behind 3 people and all. So I’d call my first “on the run porta potty stop” a success. 🙂 After another mile though, I was afraid I would have to make another pit stop and I started replaying in my head whether or not the 2 Imodium I took in the car, actually made it down my throat. But alas, they must’ve taken longer to kick in, and it was a false alarm and no other stop was needed. 🙂

The rest of the run went great though. I didn’t put any music on until about mile 10. The route was pretty quiet and the 2nd half of it was through woods on one of the biking/walking trails – which was ok because I’m used to running on those kinds of paths, but there is no “hype” like you have with running through the city. But the pounding of feet from all the other runners, listening to their music and conversations, was enough for me. I ate a couple shot bloks at mile 9 and since I didn’t take a water bottle, I got some water at one of the stations towards the end – I think it was around mile 10 or 11.


All in all, it was a good race. 2:12:07.  No PR, but that’s quite alright. Next year I’ll focus on a new half marathon PR. Under 2:00 maybe?? 😉


After I finished, I headed over to meet Kris, the owner of Finish Line Engravers. We had connected on FB – or some other social media platform – and had talked through emails/FB, but had never met. And she lives right here in The ‘Bus! So I went over and introduced myself. As “Will Run For Pizza” of course. We chatted while her hubby engraved my medal with my “name”, race time and year. I found out that they started this “little” business last year! She had gone to Germany to run a marathon as an Ambassador for The Columbus Marathon, and when she finished the race, they had a booth there that engraved your medal! She realized that we have nothing like that here in the states, so she told her hubby that they needed to start it up over here. And the rest is history! They have been traveling around to various races and are hoping for more in the next year. I think it’s an awesome idea because then it’s so easy to remember what your time was for that particular race and what year it was. So if you’re part of a race planning team, or know the race directors, you should hit her up! They charge just $10 to engrave your medal and it only takes a few minutes. She’s got her hubby, 2 sons, and daughter-in-law working with her, so it’s quite the fun family business! 🙂


Me and Kris, from Finish Line Engravers

IMAG1107[1] IMAG1106[1]



So ya. What’s next? The Run Like a Girl half marathon on October 4th, an 18 miler this weekend, and more importantly, kickboxing tonight! 🙂 I went to strength class last night because I KNOW that if I do nothing the day after a long run or race, 48 hours later and you will pushing me around in a wheelchair! Haha

Here’s a little peek at what a typical contact – A.K.A. kickboxing – class looks like:

See ya mañana 🙂


Do you typically have to use the porta potties during a run?

Have you ever traveled out of the country to race??



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