Trial run with the new insoles!

I finally ran tonight with my new insoles! Just a short little 7 miler. I realize 7 miles really isn’t short, but after these last 15 & 17 milers, 7 miles felt like nothing!

So I’m still using the golf ball and icing on a daily basis. And stretching. I think the combo is helping. Still some minor pain in my left heel/foot, but my right is pretty much pain free now. I’m just trying not to start walking weird so that my right one doesn’t get all messed up again…

Anyway, I wore the Superfeet insoles in my Brooks Pure Connect shoes tonight and honestly, it only took about a quarter of a mile to get used to them and get “in my groove”. Besides running in 90 degrees tonight, I felt great! The real test will come in the morning when I get outta bed! 😉 Here’s to hoping this combo is my cure-all and I won’t have to end up at a podiatrist after the marathon! But if it comes to that, I have 2 options from 2 different friends that have dealt with plantar fasciitis – a chiropractor that deals with ligaments & does foot massages that feel like your being killed, but actually do miracles to help the issue; and a podiatrist that a co-worker has used to have surgery on both feet for this issue…But I’m believing that neither of these options will need to be used. 🙂



If these insoles continue helping, I’m going to have to go get a couple more pairs!

Oh. P.S. The 1 minute of push-ups every morning upon rolling out of bed? Yaaaa…about that. It lasted 3 days. BUT! I’ve been getting in pigeon pose everyday for a few minutes! 🙂 You win some, you lose some.

How are you doing this week?

How’s your running and/or workouts??

What are your plans for this long Labor Day weekend??? (I’m kinda sad about it because it means summer is kinda sorta over.  😦 )



6 thoughts on “Trial run with the new insoles!

  1. Awesome miles! It’s incredible how something like inserts can help so much. I dealt with PF in high school and have needed inserts ever since. I feel like I should step up to some really nice ones, but cheap ones from Target have always done the trick for me.


    • Thanks! Yes I actually got out of bed this morning without falling over in pain! I’ll have to check the Target ones… These ones weren’t too expensive though – $40 – other ones I was fitted for were $80!


  2. I hate to admit, but my running has seriously been lacking lately! Ive switched it up for long walks- they seem to de-stress me at the moment, so it works! This weekend we have yet another wedding to go to and just doing some last minute wedding plans! Im not ready for summer to be over either 😦


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