I hate running. Sign me up.

Wait, no. No I don’t hate running. I mean, now that 18 miles is done, I don’t hate it anymore. About mile 16 though, I hated it. Mile 17, I felt tears stinging my eyes because I was almost to the end, but the end seemed further away than the 17 miles I had already ran and I couldn’t imagine having to run 26.2 miles. Even if a pack of zombies were chasing me. I told myself this will be my first and last marathon. I’m going to be a half marathon queen. So does registration for the Columbus Marathon 2015 open the day after the 2014 race?? 😉

shut up brain

Ya know what though, my body felt fine the whole time! I mean, my feet started getting tired around mile 14 or 15 (not the PF though, just tired), but other than that, my body felt strong. I personally think that running is more mental than physical, but I typically don’t have trouble getting into that “mental zone”. However! At mile 11, yesterday, I thought I was hitting mile 12 and I had a little moment of sadness being 1 mile off. Then at mile 14, it was mentally downhill from there. I see that the 2nd half of the marathon is going to be ALL mental for me. I’m guessing that’s how it is for most people? At mile 14.5, I stopped at the water fountain to get a drink (I was carrying Nuun & sipping it, but needed some good ‘ol H2O and a splash on the face), and there was another girl there doing the same thing. We kinda went back and forth a few times taking turns drinking, splashing water, filling up water bottles, and chatting. We were heading in opposite directions, but both had about 3.5 miles left, and she said, “Ya know, I just don’t get those people who say that if you can do 13.1 miles, you can do a full marathon. There is no comparison.” I was in 100% agreement.

am i there yet

From miles 14-18, I had to walk for .25 of the beginning of each new mile. At the time, I hated it, but I think it helped me. And it wasn’t as hard as it usually is getting started back up again. Usually I hate walking because it’s SO HARD to start running after walking for a bit, but I noticed these little walk breaks actually helped. More my mentality, but that’s where I needed a break at the time! Once I would start running again at 14.25, 15.25, etc…mentally, it was like, “oh, only 3/4 of a mile to go!” And I could do it. You do whatcha gotta do eh?

So when I ran with the new Superfeet insoles for 7 miles on Wednesday, and then 5 miles on Thursday (no strength on Thursday because someone ditched us!), my feet got used to the insoles during the 7 mile run, but during the 5 mile run the next day? My feet were killing me! Kept massaging with the golf ball and icing – still am! – and getting out of bed the next mornings weren’t bad after stretching my feet before stepping down, but when I got to this 18 miler, my feet NEVER HURT! That’s right. Never had a problem from the 1st step to the last. They got tired obviously, but it wasn’t the PF hurting them. To say I was impressed is putting it mildly. I felt like this:


I had been wanting to try the Oofos recovery sandals for a while, so as soon as I left the park, I stopped at Fleet Feet and got some. I figured, between the golf ball massages, icing, and insoles, I see a difference already so I want to make sure that I’m helping the recovery! It’s typically painful to walk barefoot after a run, and since I’m a flip flop girl through and through, and even my flip flops hurt to walk in, I knew I needed something with the arch support. I wanted the black ones, but they only had the periwinkle in a 6, so that’s what I got. He said they could have ordered the black, but I wanted them NOW! haha. Although, I haven’t taken them off since I bought them, so I will probably end up going back and getting all the colors! My feet were a little sore this morning getting outta bed, but after walking around with the sandals, they are fine now. 🙂 Hallelujah!

IMAG1141[1] IMAG1143[1]

Since I kinda worry about fueling during these long runs (because I have issues with my blood pressure dropping during certain workouts – burpees, jumping up and down stuff, and longer workouts/runs – and then passing out from it), I will be making sure to throw extra snacks in my belt for these long runs. I just never know what I’m gonna feel like or when it’ll crash, because I’ve never ran this far before, but I remember doing this marathon 10 years ago (after no training or any run further than 8 miles), and I remember going to Bob Evans afterwards to eat & having to lay down in the middle of the restaurant because I was about to pass out. Good times. I don’t want that again. 🙂 So I took a banana because I hate them so much, but they do the trick, and I ate it at mile 9. I wanted to make sure I was fueling before I started feeling bad, or feeling like my energy was running out. And it did the trick. I’m sure that during the full, I’ll eat another banana around mile 18 or 19, so anyone that wants to be at mile 18 or 19 on race day with some banana’s, I’ll buy you pizza afterwards. 😉 Your own pizza because I’m not a good food sharer and I will probably be able to eat a whole pizza afterwards.


So. Ate a banana, ended up eating 3 clif shot blocs at like, mile 12 or 13?, and then another 3 bloks around mile 15. Worked like a charm.

Oh, and I listened to music the whole time! I think it helped. I wasn’t about to stop and do some push ups or burpess every time I got bored, so music it was! Overall, great first 18 miler and I’m SO happy that the PF is improving. And as far as the day after? I feel good! I mean, my quads are a little sore, but I feel good. I’ll probably try to do something today to stretch out – was hoping for a bike ride, but it’s raining. 😦

OHHHH! AND! I did do a little 25 minute yoga video Friday night, and then a few yoga poses in the morning before my run – for some reason, I really think the yoga helped the run. 😉 This was the video I did – it’s from Runner’s World.

Aaaaand, since that run, it’s been nothin’ but eatin’! No pizza though…YET! 😉 But we did celebrate The Hus’ b-day last night with some brownie sundaes. 🙂

Have you tried the Oofos recovery sandals?

Do you do yoga regularly? In a class, on your own, with a video?? What is your favorite yoga video???

Hope your enjoying this long holiday weekend!



2 thoughts on “I hate running. Sign me up.

  1. I’m laughing at your comments about hating bananas but them doing the trick — maybe the hubby can be on the sidelines with a banana covered in some yummy peanut butter for you to snatch from him during the marathon?! I definitely agree that running is very mental. When I was training a bunch of years ago for a half-marathon (which I never made, because I torn my calf) I was doing it pretty much only to challenge myself because I actually hate running! Haha.


    • Good idea!! Those little packets of PB would be PERFECT to snatch out of his hands with a banana! I hear you on the “challenge”. I like running, but these long runs (to me, anything further than a half marathon) are really for the birds! haha I think right now, I just like the challenge too and I KNOW i’ll love the challenge and accomplishment of finished the full, but I already need a break from running and I still have another 18 miler and a 20 miler to do before the big day! 😦 It’s sad I’m already dreading them. lol


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