A cancellation. A run. A new show. And a new snack.

Hi guys! 🙂 I know we’re already in the middle of the work week after a long, holiday weekend, but how was your long weekend? We had both taken Tuesday off too because we were supposed to go ziplining, but then we woke up to thunder and rain. Boo. I had called the place early that morning to find out if it was storming there too because they are an hour away, and he said we should reschedule because it was supposed to rain all day off and on. Oh well, we hung out, went to Whole Foods & ate lunch, my mom and I went to kickboxing, and The Hus and I caught up some more on Breaking Bad. (I started watching that show last year when I was on vacation at my aunts – my cousin got all of us hooked on it – but then I never finished it when I came home. P.I. had started watching it the same week, but only watched a few episodes too, so now we’re watching it together. From the beginning. 🙂 )


So after my long run on Saturday, I ended up doing nothing on Sunday. Well, I did foam roll. And did a little yoga to stretch out. But that was the extent of any “working out”.


Monday, since there was no strength class at the gym, I created my own strength workout. 🙂  I created a circuit workout to last 54 minutes, but as soon as I was in the middle of the first circuit, I knew I couldn’t do 3 rounds of all the ones I made up. I did 2 rounds of each circuit, which took me 36 minutes and left me drenched in sweat. I made 6 circuits which included 3 exercises in each circuit. I did 1 minute of each exercise, 2 rounds. If that makes any sense at all…Here was what I did:


And I was pretty sore on Tuesday from this workout! Mostly my back and abs, but I’ll take it! Good to know I know how to bring myself pain. 😉

Then of course Tuesday was kickboxing. I dunno what was going on with me during this class, because I kept getting lightheaded and had to leave class & walk around the gym twice. I hate when I have to do that and then don’t get the same, equal workout on both the left and right sides.

P.S. If you haven’t seen all the IG pics of the cotton candy grapes that are out right now, you really should get to the store and stock up. They are sooooooo good that I went back tonight and bought 3 more bags for the freezer. What? Isn’t that a normal thing to do??


Eggplant gifts today from Philco’s coworker! Since this is such a quick and easy thing to make, I made eggplant parm tonight for dinner and a side of fried zucchini. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this all veggie dinner was.

IMAG1172[1] IMAG1176[1]

I was running around tonight like a chicken with their head cut off, but I was still successful in getting a quick, short 4 mile run in. It was a great run except that I actually wanted to listen to music tonight and when I plugged my ear buds in, the sound wouldn’t come out! I spent about 10 seconds messing with them and said heck with it! I had stuff to do and just wanted a quick run. It’s fixed now though! 🙂


And that’s the beginning of my week in a nutshell. 🙂


Have you seen/tried the cotton candy grapes?? They are only “in season” for about a month!

How often do you do strength workouts?

What is your favorite vegetable and how do you like to make/cook it??


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