Out of town running & a movie

Well. Philco and I are home from our weekend down to TN to visit his fam. I’m off again tomorrow, but he’s not. <insert hysterical laughter>

We left Thursday night and got home tonight and I was supposed to run 12 mile this weekend, but of course that never happened. I took my running clothes & shoes though! It was humid though, so there was no way I would have lasted running even 1 mile. Lucky for me, I knew their community center had a little fitness center, so I called and found out that you can drop in for $4. Sold. So on Saturday morning, before our cookout, I headed to the ‘mill.



Sad moment: finding out their cable wasn’t working and it wasn’t getting fixed until Monday. Happy moment: Deciding to make this boring ‘mill run fun by jumping off every mile for 15 push ups in different variations. However, the TM completely stopped and shut off every time I did this, so I would have to restart my mile every mile. Eh, at least I wasn’t running in the humidity. And I had my music. And I now know exactly what I look like when I run. And! I got some push ups in! AND!! I changed up the speed/workout for each mile.

Mile 1: 9:50 pace

15 push-ups

Mile 2: 9:42 pace

15 tricep push-ups

Mile 3: 9:24 pace

15 wall “push-ups”

Mile 4: .25 @ 10:00 pace / .25 @ 8:00 pace / .25 @ 15:47 pace / .25 @ 7:41 pace

25 push-ups (a variation of push-ups that I don’t even know how to explain to you, but will have to take pictures one day to show you how I placed my hands….)

Mile 5: .25 @ 15:00 pace / .50 @ 7:41 pace / .25 @ 15:00 pace

15 side-to-side push-ups

Mile 6: 8:18

15 push-ups

And that was that. 🙂 Doing push-ups in between the miles, and changing up every mile, really made this one of the funnest TM runs I’ve done so far. And I felt soooo much better just getting in at least SIX miles over the weekend. I may try to get my 12 miles in tomorrow morning, but I don’t want to do a 12 miler too close to the 20 miles I have to do on Saturday. So we’ll see. I may just do some miles every day this week to kinda keep it going since I normally have only been running 2-3 times per week anyway. I thought maybe just running everyday this week might “make up” for ignoring the 12 miles this weekend?? But hey, at least I’m not skipping a long run! 😉 And P.S., I have pretty much been living in the Oofos sandals, and they. Are. Feet. Savers! Wow! I can’t say enough good things about them. I need all the colors and I’m throwing out ALL my other flip flops!

Phillipi, me, his 2 brothers, and one of their girlfriends, went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Saturday night. (After spending the whole day going back and forth with whether or not even go to a movie, AND if we were going to see Guardians or the Turtles…) Guardians won out, and it is SUCH a good movie. Phillipi’s new nickname is Groot Jr. because that is what he looks like when he “tries” to dance. And! I now have the ‘Awesome Mix Volume 1’ on my running playlist, so I’m excited to run tomorrow. 🙂 And I’m excited about listening to music again when I run.

But until the next run, I’m releasing the happy endorphin’s by this:


P.S. Have you seen the commercial about the little boy who washes the car in the rain? That. Is. Genius! I’m totally doing that next time I need to wash my car. 🙂


Are you a Jimmy Fallon fanatic like me?

What’s your favorite comedy show/movie??


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