Alone with my thoughts for 20 miles.

Well. My first 20 miler yesterday was a success! It was every part “easy”, hard, challenging, painful, and mental, like I thought it would be.

I prepared for it. All week. Eating, hydrating, scaling back a tiny bit on workouts, but getting in the strength, etc…

I went to bed early the night before. Except I still woke up around 3:30 am and was kinda, slightly worrying about it and mentally going over the whole thing in my head. I just didn’t get out of bed until about 6:30, and then I started my routine. I was out the door around 8:45. It was a REALLY beautiful morning too at 56-60 degrees! Fall is here!

IMAG1206[1] IMAG1204[1]

I had decided that I was going to do this 20 miler around town to kind of break up the scenery. I didn’t want to get bored on the same ‘ol trail, and there was still a tiny bit of fear in there, so I figured if I was running around town and decided I was gonna die, I could at least call The Hus to come pick me up. 😉 He wanted me to text him every 5 miles to let him know I was still alive and where I was at, so I decided to break up the 20 miles into 4 – 5 mile increments. This really worked for me because I was able to just stay focused on the 5 miles that I was IN. I would tell myself, “Only 4 more miles…3 more miles…” and then, “5 more miles!” This was a HUGE positive thing really helped with the mental challenge.

I ended up running to the 4 mile trail that I run a lot, and I ran 1 lap around counter-clockwise, then turned around and ran another lap, clockwise. So by the time I left there, I was around 9 miles. Then I ran down the road to the community soccer fields and ran a couple laps around the soccer fields. That was nice because there were soccer games going on on all the fields, so it kept me entertained. While I was there, I paused at mile 12 for a few sips of water, my banana, and to stretch out my legs. That next mile was rough though because I was feeling bloated. But after that, I felt better again and the energy hit me. I had brought an orange Nuun tab with me, so I popped that in my water around mile 16, and sipped on that at miles 17-19 – which were the hardest miles of the whole run.


At that point, it was “only a 5k to go”, but it felt like a loooong 5k! My feet were sore and tired! I think THAT was the worst part really. When my watch struck ’20’, I was about a 1/2 mile from home. And I couldn’t walk another step. I called my Boyzzz to come get me. 🙂 And then I thought about having to run 6.2 MORE miles…I just can’t even think about it. That 6.2 feels like it is going to be SUPER rough.

Anyway, I’m not going to think about it. I stayed confident during this run, so I’ll stay confident for the marathon. I seriously started the positive talks in mile 1. I just kept telling myself that you CAN do this! You’ve ran 18 miles, you can do 20. Your strong. Healthy. Capable. Just. Freakin’. Do it.

So I did. And I actually walked LESS on this 20 miler than I did for the 18 miler a few weeks ago! Progress! 🙂


Came home and laid on the couch for a few with these essentials:


P.S. look at these cute little mini grapes. I couldn’t eat them. They are still in the bag. (You needed to see them next to the regular sized one so that you can appreciate how tiny they are. 🙂 )


THEN! After a shower, it was time for ALL THE FOOD! 😉



P.S. 1st time trying these Luvo burritos, and THEY ARE AMAZING!!!



Have a great Sunday!

Do you like running around your town or on running trails?

Do you plan walk breaks during a marathon, or just walk whenever you feel you need to??

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten all weekend???


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