My week at a glance.

Soooo. I waited too long to get to the health food store and get some cayenne pills. Everyone at work started taking turns being sick and I had text The Hus last Friday and told him we had to go to Raisin Rack to get some cayenne. Never made it. Then Sunday I woke up feeling run down and by Sunday night when we went to bed, I could tell I was gonna wake up with a sore throat and/or stuffed up. But Monday morning when I woke up, I really wasn’t feeling symptoms of a cold besides my body feeling weak and run down. I thought maybe it had to do with 20 miles on Saturday, I dunno? But I started taking Vitamin C, Kold Kare, Zinc lozenges, black tea with honey and cinnamon, etc….right away. I figured I would kill whatever cold I was starting to get. But, now that it’s Thursday, my body doesn’t feel run down, but i’m ALL kinds of stuffed up! So yesterday and today I just came home from work and took a long nap to try to help re-coop faster. It doesn’t seem as bad as the peeps at work got it, but I don’t need to be sick right now! These colds anymore seem to be lasting on and on and on and on, and remembering how awful it was to run a half marathon last May while being sick was, I really don’t wanna run a full marathon in a few weeks being sick! So I’m rebuking this dang cold and trying to slow myself down now before it get worse and I end up sick for weeks!

So I took the days off from working out yesterday and today. 🙂 Plus we’re going this weekend to help my sister move, so I didn’t wanna push it! I figure moving will be a workout, and I got a strength class in on Monday, kickboxing on Tuesday, and pizza on Wednesday – oh, wait, pizza wasn’t actually considered a workout…But I needed the pizza to help my body recover from the pain caused by the workouts on Monday and Tuesday. And ya know what? It did it’s job because now that it’s Thursday, the only thing left that is sore, are my calves! So see! Pizza is great recovery! 🙂

We finally made it to Slice of Columbus last night, which is where 18 local pizza places get together at the Columbus Commons, you pay $12 a ticket to support Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and you try ALL the pizza! It. Was. Great! (They do this event once a year and I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now.)


IMAG1233[1]          IMAG1231[1]          IMAG1232[1]


So. I hope your week has been good and your staying healthy! Time for me to go pack and figure out what to make for dinner!

I’ll be back on Sunday to fill you in on my weekend! 🙂

Any fun plans for this weekend?

Do you go apple picking this time of year??

Have you had a Sbux pumpkin latte yet??? (I just won a $10 gift card for Sbux at work, so i’ll be getting my pumpkin latte on TOMORROW for the drive to Cleveland! 😉 )



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