The last long run of marathon training.

Hal.Le.Lu.Jah. I mean, I still have a 12 miler next weekend, but at this point, that’s a “short run”. Somebody please tell me that: 1. it’s normal to start to hate running during marathon training, and 2. after the marathon, I will love running again. Tell me!

I was gonna do 18 miles yesterday, but I woke up and just could not get “into it”. So I put it off until today. And today I still didn’t feel like 18 miles. So I did 16.

You guys. Why is it, that after a 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 16 milers, the 20 miler was the easiest and best?! Don’t misunderstand me! They were ALL hard and mentally challenging, but the 1-20 miler that I did, seemed to be the best one for me as far as mentally challenging and having to walk. Although, I felt like I walked more than I wanted to today, but my pace was still under 11 minutes, so I dunno…I just feel like the 20 miler was my more successful run out of all those long runs. All I know is, I walked in the door and yelled that I hated running and never wanted to run again. 🙂

The only thing that got me though today, was the beautiful weather. I took so many pictures…

Thoughts at this picture: I would like to run like a crazy woman through these crunchy leaves.




Thoughts at this picture: I would like to lay down on one of those benches and take a little nap. (In between miles 14 and 15…)




Thoughts at this picture: Hunger Games.






Sooooo ya. That was the excitement of my run.



And here you can see my typical routine…I have a few things I need to work on. 😉

16 mile times


I ate some Clif Bloks at mile 10, some water at mile 12, and some Nuun at mile 15. Felt great as far as fueling! 🙂 Other than than, I was just tryin’ to survive. 🙂



I listened to music for the first 15 miles, then my phone phone died, so it was just me, my thoughts, and the runners and bikers that passed me I passed.

I’m just so relieved that was the last of my long runs. I’ve felt so burned out from running. So exhausted. So hungry. Like I have no time for anything. And I lack any real motivation right now. I mean, it’s everything I can do to go to work lately.

So tell me….how do you keep balance, motivation, drive, life together during marathon training???


6 thoughts on “The last long run of marathon training.

  1. Two things I’ve been doing while training for my first marathon: 1) give yourself credit. Allow yourself to be amazed at what you’re doing. 2) skip an easy run if you’re really beat. Research on fitness shoes that you’re not going to lose anything in a day. (There’s also 3) remind self of these things when it’s hard 🙂

    Good luck!!!


  2. You will have so much fun at your race and then you get to relax!! I was so burned out after my marathon in 2008…it took me a few years to get back into running farther than 5 miles. You are so active and you clearly love running, so I think you will be just fine. 🙂


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