Still a work in progress over here.

I expressed the other day how marathon training has burned me out and left me drained, exhausted, and moody. Well, after my last “long run” (16 miles) on Sunday, I actually feel like I can breathe! YAY! I feel like I have some time to think about other things. Time to do other things. I’m excited about this coming weekend because I will have time. The run on my schedule is a “short run” – 12 miles – so I’m really looking forward to this run and my weekend because my run won’t suck the life outta me!



Or pizza. I will put an end to any pizza that dares to defy me.



And then, there was the fact that The Hus started making comments about how I was constantly on the go, constantly complaining about how I never have any time, and I never spend any time with him. He actually did a mock impression of me tonight. To which we both busted out laughing at the end because it was oh-so-true. I just really had my mind on running 24/7. All during the week that was all I could think/worry about – how I was eating, hydrating, feeling, mentally preparing for the next long run, etc…along with trying to manage all the other aspects of my life. Which I failed at miserably. Thank God I have a supportive, understanding hubby.

I feel confident, that if when I train for another marathon, I will prepare and make plans to be better, um, prepared. I’ll attempt to figure out a better routine for balancing things/life. I’m sure I will learn how to do this because after getting some half marathons under my belt, I’m comfortable now with them – the training, the “leading up to the race” stuff. And maybe I’ve been extra worried about this marathon because of how bad my first one was 10 years ago?

I dunno. But anyway. This training has challenged me, my life, my brain, my routine, everything. I know it’s not over, but I at least feel like I can finally breathe. I’m still mentally focused on the marathon, but I feel kinda peaceful about it. I feel confident. #knockonwood But I mean really, I’ve prepared for October 19th. I am prepared for October 19th. I have no other goal other than to finish without injury.

On that note, I decided not to do the Run Like a Girl half marathon this weekend. My schedule is for a 12 miler, and sadly, I don’t feel like being an over-achiever this weekend. 😉 I don’t wanna have to set an alarm. I don’t want to put an extra pressure on myself. Is that weak?? So I’ll do my 12 miles whenever I wake up…on my own stomping path…with my own thoughts. And I’m excited about that. 🙂

After Sunday’s 16 miles, I did strength class on Monday. Um, maybe not my smartest plan, but I made it work. Since I probably should have done spinning on Monday instead, I chased strength class with some spinning tonight. 🙂

So. Last night when my mom was over for dinner, I overheard her tell The Hus that she was scared of our coffee cup cupboard. I dunno why…it’s not like they are actually falling out or anything…



When we move, I will have a little “coffee bar” area like this…



Oh hey! P.S. I had pizza 3 times over the last weekend. 🙂 Just thought you would want to know.

What is a vegetable that you hated as a kid, but you love it now?? I hated pretty much all the veggies except corn and green beans. But now I LOVE most all of the veggies. Except kale. Sorry. I can’t get on board with that one. Unless they are the store bought, flavored kale chips. 🙂


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