2 weeks!! And the last double digit run until then!

Last night, I kept thinking about how, when I wake up in 2 weeks, I’ll be on my way to my marathon. This morning, I put it out of my mind until someone sent me a message saying, “2 weeks?”. Oh. Em. Gee. I have mixed feelings of freaking out and a mix of ‘i’m-ready-for-this…this-is-what-i’ve-trained-for’.

So yesterday was my last double digit run until October 19th! Since fall has officially kicked in and it really cooled down this weekend, and there was a chance of rain all weekend, I waited until about 11:00 to do my run. Ya know, until it warmed up a bit…


I wasn’t really raining when I started, but it did start sprinkling right around mile 7. And then it started hailing. Yup. Good times. But it didn’t last long so that was cool. It was really cold though. I was freezing the whole time. Shoulda taken some gloves because my hands froze and I had to try to curl them up in my shirt sleeves. But I made it. 🙂 And I still love fall.

IMAG1351 IMAG1352

And as soon as I finished, it started raining. Perfect! 🙂

IMAG1355 IMAG1358

And since I didn’t take any hydration with me, just 3 clif bloks that I ate at mile 8, I re-hydrated with some orange Nuun on my way home. Made me feel 100% better by the time I finished it. 🙂



And that’s a wrap for marathon training! Bring on the marathon! 😉


During the week before a race, how much do you taper on all around work-outs??



8 thoughts on “2 weeks!! And the last double digit run until then!

  1. AHH It’s go time!! So jazzed for your race, and I cannot wait to read about it. I have a half marathon this Sunday and have been off and on with the final stages of training . I’ve made sure to hit all my weekend long runs though, so I know I’ll be prepared!


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