1 week til go time, failure in the kitchen, and making mealtimes special.

At 9:35 this morning, my first thought as I sat down on the couch with coffee in hand was, “OHMYGOSH. At this time next week, I’ll be in, probably, mile 14 or 15”. Last week I was so blah and unmotivated to do ANY type of workout, that I was getting scared about having to run more than 1 mile in 2 weeks. But I kept making myself think positive and to trust in my training. I went out for an 8 mile run yesterday, in the most beautiful fall weather EVA!, and it seriously changed my life. I’m ready now. Bring it on, you little 26.2 miles of easy!

IMAG1445 IMAG1446 IMAG1443

I met a friend at the water fountain. He just sat there and watched me drink a gallon of water.


It’s a little baby spider if you can’t tell…no big.

In other breaking news, I made a new recipe last night. Pumpkin cheesecake bars. Epic failure. They were so bad that even my mom made a face and wouldn’t eat them – that’s saying something because even if something is bad or stale, she will eat it so it doesn’t go to waste. The crust was made out of gingersnaps crushed up, but they got so burned that it smelled & tasted like burnt smores. They were so bad that I deleted the ugly pictures too. So. On to the next new pumpkin recipe today!

So I’ve shared stuff from my gym magazine before, because I love my ‘Experience Life’ magazine from my gym, and the last 2 issues (which I just read this past week) had a couple great articles that I have to share. Growing up, we ate dinner as a family, but we did eat in front of the TV a lot. And to this day, I would still choose to eat dinner on the couch, in front of the TV, if given the choice…but The Hus makes us eat at the dining room table like a civilized family. I mean, we might not act civilized, but at least we are eating at the table like a family…enjoying each other’s company and having conversation. How many families have gotten out of that little piece of “family time” at the end of the day?

Well, in both September & October’s issues of my magazine, there were articles that talked about bringing meaning to mealtime and how to make your perception of your meals, better. In the one article, there was a study that was done, that proved that even the smallest details in your meal preparation and delivery, can make a huge difference in how you perceive the flavors. Things like your silverware, plate color, plate shape, using chopsticks, creating an “ambiance” for your dining room table, etc…little things like these will make you slow down and enjoy your meal better…enjoy the flavors and textures of your meals. Interesting. I know that when I started buying white plates and bowls, I personally felt like the food looked prettier on the white. To me anyhow. I just liked how the white background made the meal like, pop. Call me crazy. But don’t call me late for dinner. 😉

The other article talked about bringing meaning to mealtime by creating a ritual dining space. Clearing the clutter off the table, setting the table formally, lighting candles, dim lights, play some relaxing music softly in the background, put away your phones (I didn’t know you could eat a meal without your phone in your empty hand…) and turn off the TV. These things will help you focus on the meal and enjoying it, instead of thinking about cleaning up or your “to-do list”. Also, pay attention to details and be mindful by showing gratitude, slowing down, use good manners, rest your fork in between bites, sit properly, etc…even if it’s just your little family eating lunch together, these things will help you enjoy your meal better and each other. It will make eating meals a memorable experience that people will look forward to. The other tip they shared, was to share the meal. Instead of serving it buffet style (which is what we always do), do it family style so that people have to help each other and connect more. And don’t let the conversation be negative!

So there. We may sit at the table and at least eat dinner together every night, but we could definitely incorporate a few more of these to make it even more special and meaningful! So let me know if you do any of these things!

And on that note, I have to go get myself cleaned up so that I can meet up with some long lost friends for a mexican lunch! 🙂

Have a great Sunday!


What are some of your kitchen failures?

Do you eat meals as a family or in front of the TV??


6 thoughts on “1 week til go time, failure in the kitchen, and making mealtimes special.

  1. I don’t often eat in front of the TV, but I don’t always eat with my family either. We go back and forth between eating solo and eating together. I like to eat dinner really early so that throws off eating together ha. I have had my fair share of kitchen failures, but I usually end up eating them still!


    • Good for you not being wasteful! haha. We are so wasteful in the kitchen…my Hus would eat dinner earlier if it was up to him, but since I workout after work, it makes it hard. And he’s a stickler for eating dinner TOGETHER! haha


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