5 more days and real clothes vs. fake clothes

Oh my gosh. 5 more days. I’m still not sure if I woke up at 4am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep because the race anxiety has kicked in, or if it was just because it got really hot last night…Needless to say, I’m utilizing a glass of wine to knock me out tonight and hopefully keep me knocked out until my alarm goes off at 5:45. Cheers.

You guys. There are 18,000 people running this race. The half and the full have been sold out for months. I looked it up, and back in 2004 when I ran it for the first time, there were like, 4,300 runners! Holy runners! Now I’m just worried about how early we need to get down there.

do at least have my clothes and some stuff put together. I mean, I’ve had my outfit picked out for weeks, but I had a few outfits picked out because I wasn’t sure about the weather. But after seeing what’s it’s supposed to be like this weekend, and hearing about other people’s races lately, I decided on shorts. Long sleeves and shorts. 🙂 I’m just worried about my toes, because they have a tendency to freeze and get numb and I HATE that! I see some jumping around at 6am in my future…


Anyway, enough about my nightmares.

So on Sunday, I met up with one of my high school friends (we’ve actually known each other for over 20 years), her hubby, our friends Rachel & Don, and another Columbus friend, Hallie. (I say “Columbus friend”, because me and Sarah Lynn – my hs friend – aren’t from The ‘Bus. We just both ended up here a few years ago and made some of the same friends. Although last year, she ended up moving back to where we were from…something about having to live with her new husband or something…?! I dunno.) Anyhow. As we were all getting ready to leave after having lunch, we discussed how we all couldn’t wait to get home and put sweats/yoga pants on, as opposed to “real clothes”, aka jeans. I think it was Rachel who even said, “Hey, my pants that I’m wearing right now aren’t even real pants!” And I said, “My shirt isn’t even a real shirt! It’s actually a workout shirt!”

I mean seriously. I have about 6 pairs of dress pants for work, a couple pairs of jeans, and lots-o workout clothes, yoga pants, running pants, sweats. So if i’m not in work clothes – aka dress pants – and i’m not at church – where we wear jeans – then it’s comfy fake clothes! I will literally get home from running, or the gym, take a shower, then put on clean workout clothes if we have to go out. Who’s with me? Thank God they are making workout clothes look cuter and cuter! And what’s pathetic? I used to be a fashionista! I was all about what was “in” I had to be dressed up all the time! But now, I would seriously shop at a store called “Forever 30’s” if they sold yoga pants and served wine. And I seriously need to buy some jeans and “regular shirts”, but every time I go shopping and decide i’m gonna buy “real clothes”, the workout clothes is always the first thing I walk by and at that point, it’s game over. I don’t even make it to the “real clothes” section. Every. Time. The only time I seem to end up buying “real clothes”, is online…Clearly my fashion sense has gone out the window and I have no idea what’s “in style” anymore. Don’t even ask me to put on a heel, because I think my feet would just kick them off.

Moral of the story: workout clothes, yoga pants, and sweats, are fake clothes. 🙂

Anyone have a race this weekend? Where??

Do you live in real or fake clothes??

Does your closet consist more of real clothes, or fake clothes??



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