The ins and outs of race weekend. Bribery. Pants or no pants?

So I kept getting all these marathon emails this week, but none of them really said what times & days packet pick-up was at the expo. I just kept waiting and thinking, “huh, that’s strange i’m not getting any race info emails”…thank God one of my team leads is running it too, because she came over to me yesterday and was like, “did you see we can reserve & pay for parking now??” Uhhh, nope. No I did not. So she forwards me her marathon email and lo and behold…THERE WAS A LINK to the expo details…in the email we received about, um, a week and a half ago? Clearly I need to get with the times. So ya. I now know when the expo is, AND my parking spot is reserved. If anyone is in my spot Sunday morning at 5:45 am, I’m pushing your vehicle out of that spot with my own 2 bare hands. Well, I’ll be wearing gloves. I don’t need my prints lifted. But I’m not losing THAT $3.55 & gaining stress by having to find a spot!! 🙂

Anyway, there was actually a LOT of other race info in that link! Who would have thought?! Columbus Marathon, you are so organized and thorough.



Dear Nikki,

Welcome to the best week of the year – the week of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & ½ Marathon!


You have all put in a great deal of time and effort to get prepared for this event and no doubt, your journey has motivated those around you. For extra motivation for yourself this week, we encourage you to check out the stories of our 2014 Spirit Award Winners this year we’re honoring 11 people who have overcome incredible obstacles to run or walk on Sunday.
We’re looking forward to seeing all 18,000 of you at the Health & Fitness Expo to pick up your Race Packet. In order to prepare you best for what this weekend holds, we have compiled a Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Final Instructions Guide here. This PDF has all the information you need for a successful racing experience, but we’ve included the most important points here.


Bib Number Assignment

  • Your Bib Number is: 2267
  • Your Corral is: C



And it goes on…

You know what else they are offering for race day?? I dunno, maybe other marathons are cool like this too, but I think it’s cool that Columbus is doing this…they have free shuttle rides from downtown, to the football stadium (mile 16) so that the spectators can watch their runner run through the ‘Shoe. They will have some of the stands open for seating, concessions there, and then once you watch your runner run through like speedy Gonzalez, you got 9 ‘running miles’ to take that shuttle back downtown for their finish! I expect my Hus, mom, and nephew to be in that stadium! So I SHOULD see them at the half marathon finish line, mile 16 in the ‘Shoe, and then the finish line if all goes as planned for them…<insert the joker laugh>

Columbus also has bicycles that you can rent all over downtown. (This is somewhat new for downtown to cut back on cars, traffic, pollution, ect…) They are pretty cool because you can pick one up somewhere, ride to where you need to go, and they have bike racks all over to park it at. Anyway, they have put together a self-guided bike tour so that spectators can bike to “key spots” along the course and watch your runner along the way. How cool is that?! Since I won’t be able to do these self-guided bike tours ;), from the info, it looks like you bike to a certain location/store, and while you stop there to watch your runner, they will have coffee and a snack for ya too! 🙂

So now I don’t have to worry about my fam being bored out of their minds for 5 hours. They can bike around town, get some exercise, snacks, caffeine, shuttle to the ‘Shoe, and have a grand ole time! 😉

AND! This is so exciting to me because I remember doing this race 10 years ago, and from like, miles 16-26, it was quiet and dead. It was rough. The hype, music, energy, spectators helps a LOT! And this year, they have 100 bands along the ENTIRE course! ONE HUNDRED!! That’s kinda like a 26.2 mile party. 🙂

Oh, and I might have attempted to bribe Alexander tonight. Since we all know his love of candy, aka sugar, I took him 2 bags of candy tonight in hopes that he might make strength class tonight a little “marathon friendly”. I mean, not easy, but, ya know, no legs. 🙂 A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I’ll let you know if my bribe worked about 1:00 tomorrow. That’s typically when the pain hits…


P.S. Do I want throw-away pants??? I have a throw-away hoodie and gloves, and I’m wearing shorts and compression socks, but at 30 degrees in the morning, standing around waiting, what do YOU do?! This is the first race I’ve done where the weather is iffy like this & super cold in the morning and then it will warm up quite a bit…

Ready or not….2 more days!

Does any of your family – or friends – go to your races? What do they do while they wait??

Thankfully The Hus got himself a nice little camera so he can pretend he’s a photographer for a few hours. 😉


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