Random confessions.

~ Thursday night. I ate a doughnut for dinner. Seriously. And it was so good and I felt NO guilt.

~ I didn’t workout all week. The only “activity” I did between Monday and Thursday, was about 30 minutes of yoga on Tuesday, and a 2 mile walk with The Hus on Thursday. But I don’t even count those as a workout. I ended up running 6 miles on Friday and it was glorious. I was gonna take the entire week completely off, but it was just too dang nice out to NOT enjoy it by running. 🙂

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~The Hus sent me this picture on Friday.



Said they had a bake sale at his work and he bought them because “it was going to a good cause”.  And he saved me half. Aww. Trophy Hus right there! I wouldn’t have saved him any. BUT! I would have only bought 1 thing and then ate it all. That’s the difference between him and  I – he thinks about his spouse when it comes to food. 😉 However! I used self-control and ate NONE of them! 🙂

~ The Nike Skylon Ace sunglasses I bought last weekend before my marathon? They are fabulous. They. Don’t. Move. They seriously stay put. I grew up on Oakley’s, so I really wanted another pair of Oakley’s because I knew they were good and they stay put, but the only ones Dick’s had, just didn’t fit right. The arms on them were so thick that they made me ears fold over?! What the…?! The Nike’s fit perfect! I highly recommend them if you are looking for some good running sunglasses! AND! You can get other lens colors to change them out.



~ Went to Strike class this morning! I’ve missed Strike class. My upper body was tired though after about 20 minutes. The best part? As we were doing burpees at the end of class, he yelled out different candies as motivation to keep going. He knows how to motivate. He knows. 😉

~ I’m ready for another marathon. I’m not kidding. What is wrong with me?! I’m trying to find one that is in the early part of 2015, that is somewhat close to us for a long, “vacation-race weekend”. 😉 Myrtle Beach has one in February I see…!

Tell me something random about your week!

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?



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