Pizza review, and some other things that aren’t as important as pizza.

Sunday. After church, we made our way to Carsonie’s for lunch. It’s a family owned Italian restaurant in Westerville. We had heard they had really good stromboli’s, and since well, I kinda sorta love all things related to pizza, Sunday was the day to finally try it.  We didn’t end up getting a stromboli because The Hus didn’t feel like pizza…what?!?! So I just got my little own pizza. It was called “Frank’s Favorite Pizza” and it was thin crust, brushed with olive oil and garlic, and topped with tomato, spinach, feta, mozzarella, and provolone. 


You guys. This pizza. I would run another marathon THIS WEEKEND for more of this pizza. For realz. I give it:


Moving on the food list. Butternut squash. Can you believe that butternut squash is another squash that I have NEVER tried? But since one was given to us, I just had to try it…know what I’m sayin’?!


You guys. Butternut squash. Is my new fave squash this week. Wow. I might have eaten the whole thing by myself. All I did was chop it up, put it in a bowl and shake it up with olive oil, salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese, lay on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and bake. I baked it at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, flipped them over and baked for another 15 minutes. Quick, easy, and oh so yum.

Since I prepped our salads for the week on Sunday, the last 2 nights have been bliss. Each time I think about having to go to the kitchen to chop up veggies for an hour, I get a little giddy inside when I remember the fridge is FILLED with our weekly salads already. 🙂 I need to continue this trend because I think it’s changed my life this week. No lie.


These are my salads…I use the 7 cup Pyrex bowls for mine, and the 4 cup bowls for The Hus. #foodisyourmedicine

Flat irons. I hadn’t spent time with my flat iron for a LONG time. Until Sunday. Ya know, when I HAD to get out of workout clothes…



This look just proved to me that my hair IS in fact growing.

Monday’s strength class. Yesterday. Granted, my purse is heavy to begin with because I need to have everything with me in case I need…ya know…a screwdriver or something…OR…in case someone ELSE needs….a pen – no, nevermind because I don’t share my pens – in case someone else needs…a piece of candy, or 500…or a bobbi pin (even though I don’t even USE bobbi pins…)…but carrying that piece of luggage today, HURT. Like, when I heaved it over my shoulder, I think I might have grunted because of the pain it caused. I think he might have forgotten that we had a lower body because it was so much upper body that I was pretty much a bowl of jello right after the warm up. Why couldn’t he have done that workout the Thursday before my marathon?!?!? Ya know, when I BRIBED HIM WITH CANDY FOR A MARATHON FRIENDLY WORKOUT!!!!

Anyhow, you can just imagine the great exercises that came from that workout. But you don’t have to imagine it because I’m here to share a couple with you. And I’m pretty sure these are the 2 single moves that left my abs so sore that it hurts to breath. But thank God I have enough willpower to breath through the pain…I guess you just get used to breathing through the pain in an “Alexander class“. I must be a pro by now.

So. Here they are. Hopefully I didn’t scare you too bad to never try them, because they really ARE good moves. You just have to love pain too. 🙂

So in the first one, you don’t have to lift the top hand off the ball, but lifting the top hand off the ball would be the next level to add a little something something to the move. Don’t even tell me you don’t feel this in your abs!

In the second video, you want to make sure you are lifting your knee straight up past your hips, and turn your waist so that the ball is hitting your opposite side and your opposite elbow is hitting the opposite knee. Again, don’t even tell me you don’t feel it in your abs!

So that’s that. Hopefully the first paragraph about pizza didn’t distract you from getting you to the moves that you will have to do in order to actually eat the said pizza. 🙂

Peace out all you health and fitness friends!

Is your hair curly or straight? And do you fix it the opposite way?? mine is naturally curly, and I typically curl it with a big curling iron, but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up with straight 😉


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