Sunday traditions, perfect running weather, and building a home gym.

We started a new tradition Sunday. The Hus wanted to go back to his roots and have a typical Italian pasta dinner on Sundays, like his family used to do growing up. Fine by me, I don’t have to cook! HA! I mean, not that I do all of the cooking anyhow…I just kinda stand there and do what he tells me to do. I CAN cook though! He just overrides me in the kitchen for some reason. Anyway, we started our pasta dinners yesterday. Homemade sauce, fake meatballs (yes, I know not typical “Italian”), and garlic toast. It was so yum. Now we only have about 10 gallons of sauce to freeze…

On the topic of Sunday dinners, I decided I really like, and need, Sunday’s to be, literally, a day of rest. Since I’m a go-go-go person, I have found that when Sunday rolls around, I don’t want to do anything. Lately, we have just been going to church, sometimes we go out to lunch, take naps, and just hang out at home. I need that. Sometimes I don’t even wanna touch my laptop. I don’t wanna do laundry. I don’t want to go grocery shopping. Nothing. And I decided I need that for my mental health AND physical health. So I’m gonna really try to let Sunday be a lazy day. I know, it sounds ridiculous to say “I’m gonna try to be lazy”…but sometimes it’s really hard to slow down and make yourself realize that that to-do list, will be there tomorrow, and most of it isn’t life or death stuff & it CAN wait.

Today. Monday. Monday’s are just yuck. Can I get an “Amen!”? But today, this weather, made 3:30 pm, pretty freaking sweet.



Since I had an appointment right after work, and couldn’t make it to strength class, my mom and I hit the park. I have to say, that run was not only a great physical run, but it was a great mental run as well. I listened to music the entire time and just enjoyed pounding the pavement and feeling the wind in my face. And given by how I feel 2 weeks out, I think I could do a marathon in late winter, early spring, and be ready for my back-to-back halves in May…just sayin’.



So i’m attempting to build up some more equipment so that I have a gym at home. I mean, I have a lot of basic small equipment, but I want another treadmill, a spin bike, a bosu ball, and a boxing bag. That stuff basically covers everything I do at the gym. Have I mentioned how expensive gym memberships can be?? So a boxing bag shipped out today & I should have it by Friday. 🙂 And i’m working my negotiating skills on a treadmill. It’s amazing how many people selling treadmills say, “I’ve had this TM for a while and I realize that I’m never gonna use it. It’s been used twice.” Sweet. Your loss, my gain. No, I don’t have room for a gym in our condo. But I’m gonna MAKE room. Because that’s how I roll. 🙂 Can’t wait to get this baby and beat it up!

Hope you had a great Monday! Only 4 days until the weekend! 🙂

Do you have 1 day a week that you don’t do anything? That you stay off social media and just revive yourself for the upcoming week??

If you don’t have a gym membership, what kinds of equipment, videos, etc do you have at home? Do you do a variety of workouts at home??


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