I can now save your life.

So I had to take a CPR class last night. I thought I would be bored outta my mind, but I actually learned something! Surprise surprise! I just made sure to come home and teach The Hus how to do CPR in case it was ME who was unresponsive…good thing I did too, because if he did what he thought he should do, I would die.

Since the CPR class was 3 hours of my life, I didn’t have much time for a workout. Hallelujah that PiYO videos are fairly short. I did the “sweat” video, 36 minutes, and I was sweating. I felt good getting in even just 36 minutes. And it probably helped me stay awake at class….

Tonight I didn’t make it to the park before it got dark, so I went to the gym and did a speed workout on the ‘mill. P.S. I seriously hate turning the clocks back at this time of year. I love fall, but I hate the time “falling back”. Yuck. So depressing.

Anyhow, here was my speed run on the ‘mill:


It was a really sweaty run and my face looked like a radish when I got to the car.



On an even better note, I got my boxing bag tonight! Ya! Now to get The Hus to hang it up…But I think we decided we are just going to order the floor stand to hang it on so we don’t have to mess with making sure it’s not gonna rip the ceiling or the wall out. 🙂


And now I need to catch up on Dancing With The Stars. Hey guess what! It’s almost Friday! 🙂

Have you ever taken a CPR class? 

Do you watch DWTS? Who’s your fave??

I can’t even decide who I love more – Bethany, Sadie, Alfonso, or Leah…it’s such a toss up.



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