The Lion King, a beautiful day off, and guilty pleasures.

So we really enjoy going to the theater and seeing ballets, plays, musicals, etc….The Lion King was in town, so we went Thursday night, and ohmygosh! It was so good!! We had great seats too. But seriously, if it comes to a city near you, you should go! We wanted to get downtown early to go have dinner, pizza of course, but there were accidents all over the place on our way downtown, so we didn’t have enough time. Oh well, our lives were saved from all the snacks I keep in my suitcase purse. πŸ™‚


Friday I was off, the day was beautiful, I organized our office. Filed the stack of papers that were collecting dust. And shredded a whole tree. And then I ran. Got in 4 miles then came home and did the PiYO lower body workout. I really like these pilates/yoga workouts because they are short. They are a great addition to a short(er) run. Under 45 minutes and they are really good for getting everything stretched out.

1107141609e[1] 1107141609i[1]

Had some good splits too! Cooler weather definitely makes a difference!

And then after wine night last night with the girls, I had to make a Trader Joe’s run today to keep the pumpkin going.


And. If your a soda water lover like my Hus, you need to go to a Menards tomorrow and stock up, because it is a case of 15 cans for $3. Apparently we have to go back tomorrow and get more because we didn’t get enough today…


Do you drink soda water?

Have you see The Lion King or any other plays/ballets??


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